Writer’s Unblocked

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My friend Riatarded from.. uhm, Riatarded has been collecting a compendium of sorts on methods of overcoming ones “creative funk” and since no compendium is ever complete without TheEmbarrassment, here’s my contribution.

A scientific study claims that almost 70,000 thoughts cross through the mind of an average individual everyday. Overcoming writer’s block is clinging onto one of these thoughts and putting it into words. If you can’t, it is about time you think of another hobby to pursue. As Steve Martin puts it,

Writer’s block is a fancy term made up by whiners so they can have an excuse to drink alcohol. Sure, a writer can get stuck for a while, but when that happens to a real author — say, a Socrates or a Rodman — he goes out and gets an “as told to.”

I know, that was rather harsh but the amount of professional writers that have gone into drugs and alcohol as a means to overcome this “block” is disturbing. If you’re having trouble coming up with something to write, it is usually because you have exhausted your creativity by writing too much, in which case you need to take a break. There’s a reason jobs offer paid vacations and as with every profession even a writer needs a break.

Writer’s block is the greatest side effect of boredom – Jason Zebehazy

Another cause of this block is boredom. Sitting and typing on a keyboard all day can be quite tedious at times. What you really need is a bit of spark to keep you going. I have been known to annoy lots of people, especially people of higher authority. It gives me a rush. Sometimes these people can get quite creative while abusing you in turn and that only adds more words to my page. A quick glance at the other posts on TheEmbarrassment will tell you how many posts you can come up with this technique. Obviously there are other less dangerous ways of doing it(I’ve been chased around with a bat for annoying some) but this is a tried and tested method and one that I highly recommend.

There is also the case of people not writing for want of perfection and for that I leave you with this quote by Margaret Atwood,

If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.

So if you’re in a bit of a funk, you know what to do now.

Unblocking-ly yours




My Experiment With Writer’s Block

Welcome to another post on the not so embarrassing, The Embarrassment where I post about anything but the floods in my town, India losing to England in a cricket match or Politicians cheating the citizens… again. Today I am devoting this post to something we all have gone through especially my fellow bloggers. It is a surprise really that not many posts have been devoted to this topic. The topic being WRITERS BLOCK! Yes, you read right.

writer's block

In honesty I have nothing new to offer to you today but the nothingness sweeping across my desolate mind. Now since you have already read into the first 100 words of my nothingness I suggest you read further. Writer’s block apparently is a condition where a writer loses his/her creativity or runs out of inspiration. Neither of which has happened to me. I chose this nothingness, this emptiness and it makes me feel…. dumb cause when I read back I realized I just contradicted myself just to sound poetic(How lame?!). Where have all the voices inside of my head gone? It feels deserted. It is like I want to talk but I don’t have words to, I want to run but my legs are paralyzed. Not so long ago when I had just started my blog, I had decided that if ever a day came that I don’t have anything to write, I’d shut shop and leave. A month later I have stumbled upon this cursed roadblock and yet I have no intentions of quitting. I am too attached to this to leave now. I have seen my page grow from 5 visitors a day to over 200. It is like seeing a child growing up. So instead of shying away from the battle I am going to go headlong into it and fight fire with an extinguisher and kill this wretched writer’s block forever(drama, much?).  American Rapper Eminem suffered from writer’s block for quite some time, a supposed reason for his hiatus from the music industry. Do you know how many millions he had to lose because of it? Neither do I but it is quite a lot I hear. Gerald Clarke the author of the 1965 hit, In Cold Blood could not complete the sequel Answered Prayers due to writer’s block. This drove him to alienate himself from his closest friends and deep into alcoholism. At the time of his death only snippets of Answered Prayers were ready. This was to be the same novel he had promised 20 years before his death. Writer’s block isn’t like chickenpox which goes away once it hits you. Writer’s block will stay with you and eat at your conscience for days, It will drive you mad. So if you happen to be going through it you know what to do, CALL AN AMBULANCE(or a shrink).

Writers block

And for real serious advice on how to tackle this cursed abomination which only I can give, write about the block. Write what it makes you feel. If it makes you feel hollow, how hollow? Like my grandma used to say, “Face it, beat it”
Yours Un-Blockingly