Statue In The Sea

India is a funny country. Our currency is in free fall, droughts have ravaged several parts of our country while other parts have been brutalized by natural disasters and yet the Maharashtra government has proposed a 3.5 billion Rupee statue to be built in the sea to rival the Statue of Liberty in America.

News agencies claim that the decision making process probably would have been something like this.
Politico 1: What to do with all this tax money yaar? It’s not like we can pocket all of this.

Politico 2: I know, let us build a massive statue in the middle of the Arabian sea. It will win us massive brownie points with the general populace.

And so it was decided. But it hasn’t gained the desired effect with the public. People are angry, people are mad. This makes no sense. They don’t want a statue. They want nice roads, clean drinking water and a better economy. They don’t share the same dream as those in our Governments. They want this idea to be scrapped immediately.

Personally, I don’t mind a statue. Some might say this situation is akin to a poor man spending all his income on new furniture when he could have used it to fix his leaky roof, but what do they know. After all this statue is the panacea we’ve all been waiting for. I have reliably informed that this statue is magically gonna come alive at night and rid our city of all evils. It is like Batman, only disguised as a statue and a little bit inanimate. It is going to eradicate poverty, save all the people from floods, end corruption, and reduce inflation. Just ask our politicos. They know best, why else would any sane government invest 3.5 billion on a statue? Are they out of their minds? Of course not. The general public might not be happy but they must understand, this is all a part of a larger plan. Some political circles also claim that this statue is not a statue but God itself. Surely, it makes more sense to invest in God? For all we know this is the cheapest and the surest way to end all our troubles.

To the uninitiated this might seem like surplus, but fret not for we are on our way to recovery. We are soon going from the developing to the developed and it is all thanks to this statue. And while it happens we should all applaud our politicos for their maverick bravado.


The Anarchy of Question Paper Leaks

Originally I had intended to be back amidst a lot of fanfare and fireworks and yet I sit in front of my laptop with slouched shoulders and the weight of the world pressing on them. I am a man of my word, March end I said and here I am.

I was supposed to be rid of my troubles, having put to rest all my exams but thanks to the Karnataka Board’s frugal efforts at protecting the paper I now have to have a go at it again. Rescheduled timetable and renewed schedules of tension. When all this accumulates in your head you tend to age a bit faster and I think I’ve been going faster than the accepted rate.

One of the most obvious signs that you notice when you’re ageing too fast is when you turn on the news the first thing in the morning to give you a jolt for the day ahead. It has been quite a few jolts that I have received in the past month. On one occasion I almost had a heart attack after being told that even the English paper had been leaked.

Usually there is always an upside to things that happen, a silver lining or just plain luck if you must. But none in this case. The constant rescheduling has taken the sheen of what is supposed to be the most important exam of our lives.

To make matters worse, the papers that were leaked actually were quite easy. On a scale of 1 -10, those papers would hardly make a proper 1.5, easy paper gone, blog comeback ruined. Life gone to the dogs.

Rant Over.


PS: The Embarrassment will be back on its normal schedule from Monday onwards, regardless of further paper leaks.

PPS: Screw the Karnataka PU Board


India and Independence

Indian Flag

On this day 64 years ago, Indians announced their freedom to the world. Freedom fighters and political leaders climbed roof tops and announced to the world the birth of a new India. This India was supposed to be different from what any country was or was supposed to be. This India was to be built on the ideals of its people and run by the very righteous. 64 long years have passed since the inception of our ‘freedom’ and yet we continue to be on a downward spiral. This country has become the opposite of what it set out to be. Independence was just an excuse for starting over, to build something on our own. And yet when we failed we looked back at the past and blamed it on our colonial government. I don’t see any negative impacts of the British regiment clouding over us except the ever present rift between the Hindus and Muslims. Instead I think the British were doing us a favor by ruling over us. They came to India in search of business and in return they were gifted power over this land of ours by the foolish individuals ruling over us at that time. And yet they did not take it for granted, they brought about changes which are evident even today, The Education system, the roads and transport system, Cricket, The modern WC and industries among others. When I think of the developments brought about since we regained control over this country of ours, I can’t think of many, Instead we have undone some of the good things the British did. Corruption, inflation these were supposed to be the evils our country set out destroy not hold onto dearly to trouble our own kind.
Yes, the British did resort to violence and oppressive methods to tighten their leash around our people but we have no one to blame but ourselves for all that happened. Rule no 1 of ruling a province is, you never allow your enemies to take administrative control of your province in exchange for expensive gifts from abroad and Rule no 2 is, Never sign treaties without reading them. Once you break these rules you can’t really not expect the opposition to say, “Check mate” The Brits did what anyone would do, take over. And to think we blame them for everything that has gone wrong with our nation is just spiteful.
Indians celebrate this day in memory of the heroes that fell, in memory of the promises that were made and in the hope of a better tomorrow. That tomorrow is quite a distance from where we are currently standing. Too much time has been wasted thinking about what could have been its time to take a stand against the evils of the society. It is we, the people who are responsible for the pitiable state our country is in now. Its time we stopped pointing fingers, there is a huge task at hand. It is time we make this Independence count.
Yours Independently

Indian Education : A Sham

My social life was turned 180 degrees on its head this week. Weekends completely destroyed and self esteem considerably lowered after my parents forcefully enrolled me into another coaching class, this one being for CET(Common Entrance Test). Now my free hours are reduced to 6 hours in the night on weekdays and I longer look forward to weekends. I am not the only one complaining, almost every Tom, Dick and Harry is made to attend these classes in the hope of getting admission to some bogus university. What is the reason for this? I’ll tell you what the reason is, our education system is majorly flawed. Our education system does not allow us to think independently and question or contradict scientific or mathematical concepts. Career choices are forced upon the students. If you don’t happen to pursue engineering or medicine, you are looked down upon. I don’t have any interest in either of these fields and yet I’m forced to prepare for entrance exams to these. People often question why a country of 1.2 billion people cannot win anything at the Olympics or hasn’t brought anything new to the field of arts in recent times, the answer lies within our system. I don’t mind writing these exams, what bothers me most is that the results for these exams are not statistics of how you have performed but the rank which you have scored. How many times have we heard that no two people are alike and yet the basic agenda of this examination is to pitch one students intelligence with another, to compare.

It is a known fact that Indian students find it incredibly hard to get into foreign universities, when this was posed as a question to a representative of the Yale he replied, “Our students spend their free time doing extracurricular activities, any free time those(Indian students) students get is spent in doing homework.” See the contrast? And our system makes no effort to change this. Recently the CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) 10th grade exams were scraped for a year round evaluation, it sounds good at first, but the reality of it is, instead of preparing for major overhaul at the end of the year you are forced to prepare of weekly evaluations in every subject which then amount to your total score. And the worst part of it is the evaluation continues for two years and takes a big toll on the student’s life. To the education board we are just robots that need to be synchronized for industrial purpose. The biggest achievements of our Education system are – acquiring the highest number of suicide cases, providing quality-less education and comparing one student from another based on some trivial test score. Even among the literate there only a handful who receive quality education.It can only be changed by changing the mindset of the society and bringing awareness that there are more careers to this world than just doctors, engineers and MBAs. Only then will there be achieved the dream of quality education to all in all the streams.

Indian Education


It is Friday!! The second best day after Monday when you can nag, rant, bitch and whine about things that just seem to be happening to annoy you. I have had a miserable week so far and to top it of I had the misfortune of utilizing the services provided by the Indian City Buses. The worst possible punishment you could inflict on a person is to force him/her to use these filthy, overcrowded buses.
Here are a few reasons why one should not use this service:
1) It is unhygienic, these buses are so overcrowded you should consider yourself lucky if you can find a spot to sit. The rest have to stand, usually on each others toes with their body parts in constant contact with those of at least 5 others(Not to worry, I was travelling on the foot board) .
2) You could get killed by the insane amount of elbows sticking in your ribs.
3) Getting out of the bus may take forever unless you’re willing to bribe fellow commuters to clear a path for your exit.
I could go on and on with my rant but since it is a free country it would only be right if I offered you a chance to judge for yourself. Here’s a pictorial representation of the (in)glorious Indian Buses.