I Need To Confess

I have a confession to make. It is on a very volatile subject so I don’t know what the appropriate medium is. Should I just say it out loud or whisper for fear of retribution? The ambiguous nature of this confession might help my cause or it may just burn me down. Whatever I do, I must get it out quick for this knowledge stays not readily within the confines of my mind. It fights. It wants to get out, to be known; the bastard.

I Google to see if there’s any way I can cure myself of this malady and I am not disappointed. Google knows, it always does, even when it says it doesn’t. So my Google search result tells about these confession pages. My heart leaps with joy. Social media forums dedicated just for confessions? What’s not to like? You can get the world off your shoulders in total anonymity, you get an audience and quite a lot of free sympathizers. It is also very much a fashion trend these days. What could possibly go wrong?

I immediately yearn to make my confession but I  don’t. Maybe I should read a few of the confessions first. Just to acclimatize myself with the kind of content on here. So I read.

guys plz tell me can love n marriage is possiblw with neighbour… means neighbour boy n girl.. plz.. tel me .. if yes thn how to go ahead… n if no.. thn wt to do plz gv suggestion. plz


But what is this? Must be an anomaly. I should just read another one.

i need some suggestions..i love a girl very much..but she says that she dont want any bf..just bcoz her past ditched her…


Where is the confession you eejits? Has the meaning of confession transmuted into meaning some sort of random emotional malarkey? Is this what priests in church have to deal with?

I read a thousand of these so called confessions and not one of them was. Alas! I am still left with a confession to make. I must get it out quick for this knowledge stays not readily within the confines of my mind. It lies not dormant within the confines of my mind.


The Morality Conundrum

I was recently slapped with the terms “immoral”, “egotistical”, “undeserving to be human” and an “unbalanced feminist”. On most days I would have accepted those accusations except maybe the last one as I’m still not certain about what it means. Last I checked UrbanDictionary still didn’t have an explanation.

All this took place because I had the audacity to point out to some pop punk on Facebook that he was being a chauvinistic pig and that his comments were nothing short of misogynistic. I know what you’re thinking now. We all are thinking the same thing. Let’s just say it out loud. Standing up for something is overrated.

Now it wasn’t the abuse that irked me so much as this one particular comment which I’m guessing was by another of the punk’s obnoxious friends.

You are sick and immoral. You don’t deserve to live. You don’t know anything about real life.

Let us take a moment to analyze that.Am I sick? Maybe.
Do I deserve to live? It is up for debate.
Do I know anything about life? Perhaps not.
But am I immoral for pointing out that your friend is a silly twat for making callous and obscene statements about women? I think not.

What is this morality anyway?

According to ,my old trusted dictionary it is,
Principles concerning right and wrong behavior/ A system of principles decided by a group.

How can we decide what is right or wrong? Different culture, different societies have a different outlook on things. For example, we have sex. Sex is considered a viable topic of discussion in most parts of the world but in some parts like in India it is frowned upon.

Empirically speaking, we Indians love sex(Our population doesn’t lie) and yet we consider talking about it to be amoral. So being the Indian that I am, do I consider all foreign people to be immoral? Or are we Indians the immoral ones because we don’t fit onto the societal norms of the rest of the world?
So basically, the concept of right and wrong differs from place to place and people to people. There is NO definitive right or wrong.

Let us now come to the second part of the definition. It explicitly states that these principals are decided by a group of people. Who are these people? And what gives them the right to decide for all people? Is it a particular group or can any group just make these rules? If so do we have to draft it on paper?
Imagine a scenario where the group that makes these rules is a bunch of psychopaths. What then?

The only wrong you can do is to impose yourself on others. As long as you’re not impeding the harmony of others lives you are on the right path. At least that’s what I think.

Conclusion: The idea of morality is flawed. Create a new one.

What do you think about morality? Add to the argument in the comments section below.

A Smile Gone Wrong?

                             The modern day idiocy started from here

Seen one of these before?

I am sure you have. You can’t deny you haven’t seen this menacing poster grace your Facebook feed or the lines used as a status message on a friend’s profile(or even worse, your profile). I have decided to help rid this world of the evil that is fatuousness and hence I begin with the simple message of: Don’t spread fallacious stuff as in the picture above. It sends a wrong message.

These pictures first started to appear on the profile’s of teenage girls who needed a reason to be depressed(Don’t ask me why. I guess depression gives them a high). This soon took the course of everything that appears on social media and spread like a virus you could do without. Slowly it took over everything. Now an understanding that seems prevalent among this generation is:

DepressedAs if human emotions weren’t difficult to understand, now we are supposed to assume a smile is a hint of sadness and acceptance a sign of disgust?

The miracles of mainstream media. Now we’re going to have an emotionally unstable generation of people hinting at all the wrong emotions.

That’s about it. I have finally forayed into changing the world one blog post at a time. Looking back at the post it looks like an absolutely long rant, but it is one that needed to be made.

So long folks!
Stop spamming good folk with nasty pictures of wrongly configured emotions.

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I Lie About My Age….. A Lot

Yes, you read right. I do it all the time. I did it when I first created a Facebook account, I did it when I wanted discounts in certain shops, I also did it to get free scholarships. It wasn’t the cliched, ‘I am 40 but I prefer calling myself 25’ lie instead I lied to make myself seem older.

I am not old

I am normally considered to be a good liar, my skills have bore fruit even in the most testing of circumstances, the only time I am ever caught lying is when I lie about my age and yet I never stop trying. I wouldn’t mind being a 30 something guy or maybe even a 40+ dude as long as I am taken seriously. I am 17(you first heard it on The Embarrassment). No one takes 17 year old’s seriously, Heck even I’d think they are juvenile if I were older. Come to think of it I don’t think I’ll stop lying about my age until I’ve crossed 30. Though I often hear the term ‘mature teenagers’ I don’t really believe in it. Yea right! if such a thing ever existed. All teenagers want to do is get drunk, get laid and more often than not get depressed over non existent issues, its almost a trend nowadays. What is horrifying is that I am categorized with these prima donnas(teenagers) because of my age. Though not all are bad, I’d still like to be in a better age zone.
Till next time
Yours ageing-ly