Who’s That Birthday Blog?

In the darkness I sat. I got up, walked to the switchboard and turned on the switch all the while saying, “Let there be light” and there it was. Light, pure and unadulterated like the wisps of a child’s thoughts. It was magnificent, mostly because it meant the electricity company hadn’t yet realized I hadn’t payed my bills.

But the light alone wasn’t enough. I needed to create more. I set off to create something better. It took me seven days. Six days of procrastination followed by one day to sign up on WordPress and actually make it. And this is how TheEmbarrassment came to be.

Today marks TheEmbarrassment’s second anniversary which in blogging years is 150 years. It is no surprise that other blogs that started around the same time as I did have all died, moved on to better things or found stardom which really begs the question as to why we need salt in our toothpaste? It really serves no purpose and makes oral hygiene worse than what it is.

So let us all join hands and celebrate TheEmbarrassment’s birthday by buying it expensive gifts. Unless you’re poor in which case you should just steal something. Expensive.

TheEmbarrassment is celebrating its birthday by giving away an Ipod for free. All you have to do is participate in THIS and you could be the owner of a brand new 5th generation Ipod touch.


The Embarrassment turns 1! Balloons and Candles For Everyone

Yes, despite spending most of the year being brain dead The Embarrassment has crossed the line and successfully made it to its first ever anniversary.

As obnoxiously as the blog had begun, so shall it continue with a load of cheesy birthday quotes to mark this auspicious occasion, sent by our non existent Bieber-esque fan base of course.

Time and tide wait for no man, but it will always wait for the Embarrassment just like my heart does. I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
Hormonal Teenager

Happy Birthday, The Embarrassment. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am cool because of you.
15 and forever alone

I love your philosophy about life and just like your age may it grow. Happy Birthday.
Confused and in prison

Congratulations on your first anniversary. Your website has been very helpful and I’d like to know more about your research and your approach to the subject. Moreover, I’d like to point out to you this viagra I’m selling which once taken….

I did NOT take that last one from my spam filter.

Lastly, to my existent readers. I’d like thank you all for bearing with me over the past one year. And if I may have offended any of you by chance, GROW THE FECK UP!

I’ve learnt a few things over the past one year and I’d like to impart some Birthday wisdom before I leave:

When life give you lemons, don’t play ping pong with it.

Till next time.

Birthday Bummers

On 20th October in once upon a time land came a baby. The baby would grow up to be another Primma Donna, crazy as could be. And as Eminem would have gone on to say, “Don’t dare make fun of that baby cause that baby was me.”
Yes, you read right. This past week yours truly celebrated his birthday……. again. The world rejoiced by killing Gaddafi and India is still celebrating with a week long holiday. Mother thinks the holidays are because of Diwali celebrations here, but I disagree. It is just a coincidence that Diwali came along the way.
And since you all mean so much to me, I am going to treat you to a picture of a smiling monkey on this auspicious occasion.

Smiling Monkey
The monkey wouldn’t smile so…

The Day in itself wan’t a great one. More like a day that would make a kid say, “Oh Boy! That was a bummer.”
Maybe you should reads the rest of the post as ‘Things one should not do on their Birthday’ or something along the lines.
During these holidays I had developed a habit of sleeping through the day rather than the night. So by the time I woke up I realized I had slept through most of my Birthday. Bummer #1

Birthdays are generally all about age and wisdom and looking back and thinking of all the things you have learnt. So I spent long and hard thinking about all the knowledge I had gained that I could impart on the younger generation. A few cups of coffee, 3 episodes of House and a lot of “Wise sayings’ books later I came to the conclusion, Chicken Soup for the soul is much better than ‘Wise Sayings 1-5’.Bummer #2

After that there wasn’t much to do so I checked my mail, only to be horrified by my inbox. 248 unread messages greeted me. The worst part of it all, most of those messages were personalized messages instead of the simple greetings I am used to getting. That meant another 6 hours spent replying to all of them. Time gone, B’day gone. Bummer #3

I wanted to enjoy what little time I had still left to go for my day to get over so I disconnected all the phone lines at my place and the internet connection. End result, I ended up not being at my surprise party. My friends had intended to call me over once all the guests had arrived but the call never came. Bummer #4

Four days later, I am still high on sugar hence the reason for me not having any good punchlines today. Bummer #5

This post has been such a Bummer. On the bright side, The Sami week hasn’t ended yet atleast in India it hasn’t. To those living abroad I hope you had a great Sami weekend.

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