Pen And Paper For Me, Please

Shit. Shit. Shit. I will kill you. Shit

These are just some of the thoughts that cross your mind when your hard disk crashes and leaves you a miserable heap of error messages to comfort your soul. You could perhaps calm yourself down if all you lost through this malfunction of evil machinery was illegally downloaded songs and movies but it is really hard to resist punching someone in the brain when you lose a years worth of work through no fault of your own.

Computer malfunction

You have probably already derived the reason for my outburst and if you haven’t lord have mercy on you. Yes, my hard disk crashed. I have probably abused it in every manner possible since it happened and yet it won’t give me a sad, solemn apology. Oh! the devious creations of man.

It was in the wee hours of Tuesday morning when the said hard disk gave in. I tried my best to revive it but it eventually went the way of all unreliable gadgets. I shrugged my  shoulders and just as I was about to set off to buy a new one, the gravity of the situation hit me. The first(and the only) draft of my first novel(which was going to be a super bestseller, by the way) was saved in the, now dead hard disk. Three hundred pages and over 500 hours of honest, hard work was now victim to the unscrupulous machine that decided it apt to punish me for my overly zealous dependence on it. What a way to pay me for my trust. If this was a marriage, divorce papers would be in order right now.

I’ve never been a big fan of writing on the computer and having to hit save every time a thought crosses your mind. I’ve always been a fan of conventional writing habits. You know, with a pen and paper. That way if you’re writing is a bit bland you can always draw doodles to lighten it up. In fact, I remember having trouble blogging during the early days as I would never be able to come up with anything decent while at the keyboard. So I’d have to write it down on a piece of paper and then type the whole thing all over on the computer. A bit time consuming, but I liked it.

Eventually I gave in to technology, what with it doing auto spell checks and grammar checks. But alas! it wasn’t worth it. I will probably be receiving notices from lawyers in the near future for some of the hateful messages I sent out to the creators and manufacturers of these evil devices. I must point out that I do regret sending those mails, In hindsight I should have probably written a letter(you know those old types, written on a parchment) to emphasize my hate and the disappointment their dastardly creation has implanted in me.

I better get back to my writing desk, I’ve lost a lot of my articles that were supposed to be published this month for various publications. Am I going to go back to writing on my computer? Hell no! Give me a pen and paper any day!



4 thoughts on “Pen And Paper For Me, Please

  1. I can only say thank God for external memory drives… my computer had to be wiped a few months ago and I was literally heartbroken. My own dependence on technology makes me feel a little bit sick- the engineers will hold all the power at the end of the world!

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