Blogging Dangers

The great blessing of mankind are within us and within our reach; but we shut our eyes, and like people in the dark, we fall foul upon the very thing we search for, without finding it.

Greetings readers!

The above quote has absolutely nothing to do with today’s post, so if you were trying decipher its true meaning you may stop now but if you’ve already stumbled upon it, good for you. I’ve finally been relieved off of my exam woes and am feeling a bit nostalgic. I have half a mind to prank call all the minor league celebrities in my area but the other half says I am better off screaming obscenities from the rooftops. It might seem a bit queer that my mind is in such shambles. A stable person wouldn’t have thought of the latter, a normal person would be shuffling through the yellow pages right now. But I am far from normal right now and I think the recently concluded exams will take the blame for that. I am still coming to terms that it is all over. I’m a free bird now.

Another reason I haven’t done anything crazy is because of this. I am a storyteller, anything I do should be told, romanticized and boasted about. My primary medium for that is this blog and if the system is going to institutionalize bloggers for obnoxious posts I wouldn’t be able to avoid the straitjacket for long. There is also the fear of prison. With the number of innocent people being jailed to make up for the incompetence of a politically motivated justice system, I could be made an easy target. I can almost imagine the headlines:
18 year old bombs an anthill in frustration after exams
An 18 year old blogger from India has been imprisoned after the recent destruction of a monumental anthill, 5 miles south of nowhere. After initial failure of the local police to find substantial evidence they have now succeeded in pinpointing the said suspect after a google search that yielded the perpetrators blog. The blog in question was termed to be a harem of sadist thoughts and has since been blocked by the local internet providers. More on this…


The world is a dangerous place, even for a blogger. Be mindful of what you post, it may come back to haunt you. That being said TheEmbarrassment will continue as it was and you shouldn’t worry about it.

Till next week.

* Dear readers,
A recently concluded study has found out that all hip blogs make more than one post per week and TheEmbarrassment being the hipster that it is will be a more regular feature throughout the week starting next Monday.


6 thoughts on “Blogging Dangers

  1. Hah I removed a bunch of posts where I slated a company I worked for by name, they were the type of people that’d sue for slander. Definitely need to be careful whatever you post these days, I once got fired from a job for insulting them on Facebook! =/

  2. Given that you are planning to take part in The Uninspired Chronicles, it will be much appreciated if you could follow le blog so that you will get updated about the progress of the project 🙂 x

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