The Anarchy of Question Paper Leaks

Originally I had intended to be back amidst a lot of fanfare and fireworks and yet I sit in front of my laptop with slouched shoulders and the weight of the world pressing on them. I am a man of my word, March end I said and here I am.

I was supposed to be rid of my troubles, having put to rest all my exams but thanks to the Karnataka Board’s frugal efforts at protecting the paper I now have to have a go at it again. Rescheduled timetable and renewed schedules of tension. When all this accumulates in your head you tend to age a bit faster and I think I’ve been going faster than the accepted rate.

One of the most obvious signs that you notice when you’re ageing too fast is when you turn on the news the first thing in the morning to give you a jolt for the day ahead. It has been quite a few jolts that I have received in the past month. On one occasion I almost had a heart attack after being told that even the English paper had been leaked.

Usually there is always an upside to things that happen, a silver lining or just plain luck if you must. But none in this case. The constant rescheduling has taken the sheen of what is supposed to be the most important exam of our lives.

To make matters worse, the papers that were leaked actually were quite easy. On a scale of 1 -10, those papers would hardly make a proper 1.5, easy paper gone, blog comeback ruined. Life gone to the dogs.

Rant Over.


PS: The Embarrassment will be back on its normal schedule from Monday onwards, regardless of further paper leaks.

PPS: Screw the Karnataka PU Board



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