Ola Amigos,
I, your friend behind the mask of The Embarrassment is back. I know I haven’t been very regular with my posts recently neither have I been visiting any of you all on your domains and for that I sincerely apologize. I’ve had quite a few set backs off recently and have been unable to live up to my duties to my subscribers.
And just today I received news about something that pulverized any hopes I had of making a quick return, that being and in the words of the Stark’s, “The Finals are approaching.”

So off I go to prepare for my finals. I should be back by the end of March, in case I am not you are free to mourn my death.

So long friends’
Life beckons.


8 thoughts on “Sabbatical

  1. Noooooo!! lol

    If You’re back in Feb, I just wanted to let you know about The Dark Globe’s “February Shoot Off! Competition that will beginning February 1st, and Running Through February 14th… At The Moment We’re Voting on the Themes for the Photos if you’d like to Partake Here

    Also, if you’d like to Submit a Photo, or know people that might want to, be sure to Let them know it will be Starting February First



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