Recently while I was at the plastic surgeon’s contemplating on getting a new face for the new year I came across this catalog of faces to choose from. This catalog was marked ‘New Year special discounts’ and after taking a quick glance into my pocket I decided whatever changes I needed to my appearance had to come from this. And so I flicked through a few of the pages and this is what I came across:

angry baby
                   The “what the hell did you just say to me?” look

Apt for the businessman in all of us. The looks says it all, “I will not take crap from you.” It also exudes a feel of unfamiliarity which can prevent others from taking you too lightly.

As good as the description made it look, I decided against it. Besides I’m never gonna make it as a shrewd moneymaking machine anyway.

The "I'm so sober" look

This look is for people who are constantly embroiled in situations because they look too drunk(or in most cases actually drunk). Just one hour under the surgeon’s knife and you can forget all your troubles forever. This look can apparently also improve your eye sight, though I’m not sure how.

                                                       The Glee look

Recap all your favorite moments from you favorite show with this look which gives  you a vast array of emotions to chose from when your dance club is going to the dogs.

The "I could use a dollar now" look

This is one of those looks you must get if you plan on making any money on your night out on a new year’s eve. Not so photogenic though so it might not be the best option if you are Facebook warrior.

The Look

If you are going through this catalog right now, you probably don’t have enough money to afford a better look than this. So don’t think, just go for it.


The catalog made for an interesting reading, but I figured I looked pretty as it is. So what if it is a new year, perhaps I could ring it in with a new attitude rather than a new look.

Happy New Year folks!

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5 thoughts on “Expression-less

  1. Totes going for ‘The Look’. NO-ONE ELSE IS ALLOWED TO CHOOSE THAT ONE!… just incase they run out of horse-face when it’s my turn and they have to use badger-face instead. I’m not going through that shit again.

  2. If you didn’t know, this is Bothered. I changed to my real name to promote my book which has been picked up by a publisher. For a minute there, I thought you had gone through my family album, and taken some pictures. Love the post.

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