Harry Potter And The Order of The Municipality

Harry’s scar hadn’t hurt for a while but he was sure it would explode as soon as the gawky head of the Local Municipal had come to a verdict. Harry stood fidgeting with his earphones as the Municipality he was standing before decided his fate. He couldn’t figure which was more scary, the prospect of him being punished by the Municipality or him failing to untangle his earphones.

The Municipality officials whispered, screamed, played a little with their wands and made loud howling noises as they tried to come to a decision.Finally, after what seemed like three minutes and forty two seconds the Municipality came to a conclusion. The Municipal commissioner loudly announced, “The Municipality has unanimously come to the verdict that, the accused Harry Potter and his friends are guilty. You are hereby sentenced to cleaning Colony 312 for the next week and will be held in contempt if you don’t comply.”

Harry’s world was ripped apart as the sentence was announced, he couldn’t believe what he had heard. This meant he had to don an orange vest and clean his own neighborhood for one whole week, and to think he had laughed at Charlie Sheen because he had looked funny in it.

Orange Vest
Goodbye Social life, he thought to himself.
Dumbledore beamed as he stood next to Harry. He looked content with the sentence.

“Are you clear? Have you understood all of your duties?” Harry heard one of the Municipality guys say as he came back to himself.
“Why am I being treated like this? One would think I’m a prisoner of war for the kind of sentence you’re giving me!!” mumbled Harry, his voice deep with strife.

“You have been a constant nuisance in this district. You know bursting firecrackers out of Hogwarts is a sin. Add to that your dumb friend Ron also managed to slip a fire cracker into the house of a war hero. Prisoner of war you say?”  the Municipal commissioner said and chuckled at the irony.

“I have done good things for this district too. Like the time I got featured in the newspaper. I gave a full length interview about how this place helped me attain the feat.”

“You were in the news for driving your car into a ditch. You blamed the neighborhood people for not teaching you how to drive.”

“What about the time I won accolades at the Science fair? I named it after our neighborhood and even won a prize for it.”

“You built a miniature junkyard and named it after our neighborhood. It wasn’t the kind of attention we were looking for.”


“Oh! I get what you’re doing. This is a conspiracy, I HAVE BEEN FRAMED. I will not be a slave to your whims, Voldermort is behind this, isn’t he? You all are involved, I just know it.”

Dumbledore immediately grabbed Harry in an attempt to prevent him from advancing towards the Municipality officials. Harry frantically kicked and punched but could not break free from Dumbledore’s stranglehold and eventually calmed down as he accepted his grim fate. He didn’t like it, but he had no other choice.

* Inspired from true life incidents. Do not try at home.


Sami as Harry Potter
Fat neighborhood kid as Ron
Girly dude as Hermoine
Nosy neighbor as Dumbledore
Colony officials as the Municipality

The End

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36 thoughts on “Harry Potter And The Order of The Municipality

  1. Voldy will be pleased once he reads this. He’s long overdue for a good chuckle. Come to think of it I don’t think he has ever laughed…

    – The Dark One

  2. So funny!! I love it. My daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan, she will love this story…..but if I show it to her will we all get names. I might not want to know who I would be..lol

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