Green Blogging

Happy Monday folks!

As the title suggests, this post will be about environment friendly blogging and all that is green but unlike all other websites, I won’t be boring you with facts and info you already know. After all who doesn’t know that the level of carbon dioxide has been increased by 40% since the industrial revolution and that it could result in overheating of the earth’s surface leading to the untimely demise of our race as we know it. There is absolutely no need for me to recycle all that again.

Now I certainly don’t want to scare you with all the usual, ‘Doom is here’ stuff but where is the fun in that . So: TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS OR WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE.

I’ve never made a conscious attempt at trying to contribute to green campaigns till recently when I was blowing a balloon when halfway through I accidentally inhaled the air from the balloon.


Effects of global warming

And so it lead me to research(read Google) the ways I could help bereft this world of the dangerous gasses and other apocalyptic elements.

Now there were quite a few things that came up on how I could be conservative in the usage of energy resources but the easiest one I came across was, conservative Blogging. Who knew blogging also results in lots of energy wastage? According to various internet sources, a simple Google search requires enough energy to boil a cup of water. Imagine the energy it would require to research a feature length(as in movies) topic and then type it, post it and then promote it. Quite a lot I’d say but the doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it. There are various other ways you can limit energy consumption by your blog.

Background colors
According to Blackle, a site with a black background consumes only half the energy consumed by a site with white background.

Optimize your images for website usage(this can be done using Photoshop). This will help your images load faster hence leading to lesser wastage of precious energy. And better yet a faster loading website is only going to do you good with regards to your traffic and user satisfaction.

According to some analysts, good content prevents users from surfing onto other websites looking for better content, which in turn saves energy.

Remove unnecessary plug ins and widgets
We’ve all had these placed on our blogs for various reasons. I for one used to have a lot of these for aesthetic value. But do most of these really serve any purpose at all?

Printable Content
If your blog provides information and stuff that people would be wanting to print, use a color scheme that’s best for printing.

Get selfish
Get green not for the world but for yourself. Do you know the amount of traffic you could draw to your blog by going green? It’s incredible.

Join in on the fun, Go Green.

Henceforth The Embarrassment will be an eco friendly website. The Embarrassment will be sporting a black attire on all National holidays. The Embarrassment will also celebrate the earth week from now.

See you next week folks, on a parting note, TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS OR WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE.

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Green for life.


21 thoughts on “Green Blogging

  1. I had a energy and watse also a green pages on my other blog and they got more hits than any other.
    Three of the biggest things are people leaving standby buttons on all equipment, leaving their computers on when they are out, also not turning of the mobile phone charger when its finished.

    Go green or die 🙂

  2. Some girl I used to know claimed that screen savers killed Polar Bears. She was convinced of it. Somehow, a screensaver comes on, creates so much energy that it melts the polar ice caps, and then polar bears get stranded on a giant sheet of ice. Who knew?

    Thanks for the rest of the advice on going green. I’m very concerned about my carbon finger print (it’s not nearly as important as a carbon foot print, screw Mother Nature).

    • I find it really amazing, that people can convince themselves of stuff like that. I wonder what a full fledged movie will do to the polar ice caps.

      I guess that’s the best way to put it, carbon finger print. On our own we couldn’t probably raise a fart out of our blogs but put together I guess we can form something of a footprint.
      And for heaven’s sake, TURN THE LIGHTS OFF. 😉

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