A Smile Gone Wrong?

                             The modern day idiocy started from here

Seen one of these before?

I am sure you have. You can’t deny you haven’t seen this menacing poster grace your Facebook feed or the lines used as a status message on a friend’s profile(or even worse, your profile). I have decided to help rid this world of the evil that is fatuousness and hence I begin with the simple message of: Don’t spread fallacious stuff as in the picture above. It sends a wrong message.

These pictures first started to appear on the profile’s of teenage girls who needed a reason to be depressed(Don’t ask me why. I guess depression gives them a high). This soon took the course of everything that appears on social media and spread like a virus you could do without. Slowly it took over everything. Now an understanding that seems prevalent among this generation is:

DepressedAs if human emotions weren’t difficult to understand, now we are supposed to assume a smile is a hint of sadness and acceptance a sign of disgust?

The miracles of mainstream media. Now we’re going to have an emotionally unstable generation of people hinting at all the wrong emotions.

That’s about it. I have finally forayed into changing the world one blog post at a time. Looking back at the post it looks like an absolutely long rant, but it is one that needed to be made.

So long folks!
Stop spamming good folk with nasty pictures of wrongly configured emotions.

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14 thoughts on “A Smile Gone Wrong?

  1. I’ve never seen one of those, honestly. And while I absolutely agree with you on the smiling matter – I really hate it when people expect you to understand things they don’t say – I think this picture is actually kinda cute, even though it may suggest smiling is a hint of sadness. Its general idea is simply that a good friend knows you well enough to see things you don’t show. The ‘sorrow behind your smile’ isn’t the important bit, if you ask me.

    • You’re luck you haven’t come across one of these yet, and pray you don’t in the future as well.
      The one thing that annoys me most about these kind of pictures is that it catches on and soon people actually believe in all of this as if it holds meaning. What really holds meaning is, ‘I smile because I am happy and NOT sad.’

  2. I have a friend who posts things like this ALL THE TIME. Well, I say ‘friend’. I keep her on there because I like to laugh at her life going wrong over Facebook. HA!
    Ahem. Anyway.
    The only one of these I ever really liked was one that said something like,

    ‘A good friend will come and bail you out of jail,
    But a true friend will be sitting in the cell next to you saying, “Damn… that was fun!”‘

    Makes me chuckle 😀

    • I have several friends that do that and the go on about how true it is and how it all happens in their lives. It was funny for the first few times, now it feels like the feeling you get when another Justin Bieber trend starts on Twitter for the millionth time that day.

      ‘A good friend will come and bail you out of jail,
      But a true friend will be sitting in the cell next to you saying, “Damn… that was fun!”‘
      I love it 🙂

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