Filling In The Spaces

Recently I was prompted by the Dribbling Pensioner to take the phrase “Writing is like…” and fill in the spaces or rather do an out of this world tango(read Blog Post) which in the end might just be a tad too embarrassing for you to read and me to write. Nevertheless I encourage you read further cause if it gets too uncomfortable, there is always the option of covering your eyes and screaming.

If you haven’t realized yet, this is one of those writing memes and this one was started by Renee. A. S. Jacobson. God bless her, I could do with a few of these to help reduce the non existent creative tension surrounding me. Anyways back to the topic.
My writing days started when I was around 7, the exact same period when they started asking lousy questions in the exams. I found writing tests to be a tedious task, so I used to paint vivid descriptions of non related, fictitious formulas, characters and theories. Those were the days when I was freakishly handsome and brainy(read Geek) and people would buy anything I had to say and so there they were, my first steps into the world of writing.
As I grew I found it increasingly necessary to write long stories(though completely unrelated) in my exams as Fickle Brain Anemia kicked in and my interest in studies dwindled. By 10th grade I was notorious for scoring astonishingly good marks for answers that otherwise would not have been worth many marks. I could conceal enormously absurd stories within a few actual facts and make it out to be as if it was the correct answer. Many tried the same tactics but none could do it so skillfully as I. I had a gift.

I am giftedAfter so much success with my writing skills, I decided to try my hand in other aspects of writing. Though not so good with most aspects of it(like grammar, punctuation’s etc) I got praise from lots of people and that praise was enough to inspire me to continue.
To me writing has been like filling in the spaces, except I like filling in the spaces.

So that is the tale about me and writing and the reason the teacher’s take everything I say with a pinch of salt.
If I had a better vocabulary I’d define myself as a slick villain that you see in movies with a pen for a weapon. I’d fabricate myself as the next Superman and you wouldn’t even know if I was bluffing. It would be so “cool”. But I think the truth will do for now.

And as part of online meme tradition I am supposed to pass this on to 3 other bloggers who I think might have an interesting tale to tell. So I pass the baton to:
This is How I Roll
Simple Observations
All of the above are incredibly talented and did I mention Funny? So hopefully they play along and give you all something incredible to read.

That's all folks


10 thoughts on “Filling In The Spaces

  1. What a wonderful post! The part about you scoring highly for things that ‘otherwise would not have been worth many marks’ reminds me a little bit of a part in the book Sophie’s World where she answers a question in an exam and the teacher doesn’t know whether to give her an A or a D, to which she replies ‘So it’s either entirely wrong or entirely right?’… or something like that, anyway!

    If I could take a guess, I’m sure that your answers were entirely right, anyway 🙂 I’m sure that you thoroughly deserved those marks, and in any case those experiences have led you to where you are now, and with posts like that, I wouldn’t have wanted it to turned out any different 🙂

    • Your comment made me soo happy, Thank You 😀
      About the answers being completely right, I’m not quite sure. Once my dad was going through my SST answer sheets and after some time he asked me if I wanted him to put me in a different school because he thought I was being taught stuff wrongly.
      Those experiences were something that have shaped up my writing ambitions, and I am glad I have them to look back upon.

  2. Thank you for drawing me here! I loved reading about your journey with writing.

    “By 10th grade I was notorious for scoring astonishingly good marks for answers that otherwise would not have been worth many marks.”

    Clearly, you were clever. Glad the meme inspired you! Come and check me out sometime, if you care. It’s nice to meet you. 😉

  3. Loved your post. As you can see from the Dribblingpenshioner he already gave me this challenge, and I posted “The Ride of My Life” a few days ago. I am honored that you picked me, and think my posts are funny. Thanks, and see you soon.

  4. Such a witty post 🙂 And you have a knack for creatively filling in the spaces. Thank you for including me in your list. I will definitely participate.

    I love the way you “twist reality” with delightful humor. You’re my kind of blogger 🙂 Going to tweet this now.

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