Being A Libra

The Scales

October has finally a dawned and with it the realization of being a Libran. I have been a Libran since birth and frankly speaking there is no other way of being one. It is an awful load of responsibility what with the weighing scales and the need to maintain balance in nature. Things have an uncanny way of evening itself during October. I don’t know if it happens only in October or I just notice it then but well it does.

Like for 1st of October when I experienced the work of the scales at its finest.
I was walking through the park when a fresh serving of bird poo splattered just in front of me. It took me a moment to realize what had happened and once I did there was a sudden rush of relief surging through my veins. Ah! My lucky day. I had to reciprocate in some manner so I picked up a nearby rock and hurled it at the bird, I missed. The rock ricocheted off a branch and…… damn right I got reciprocated.

StonedNature has a crude way of maintaining its balance.

Anyways I cursed and left it at that. After all we Librans are known to be smart and throwing another rock would have been foolish, simply because the bird had flown away.

Upset by this incident and not wanting to go to class with a dent on my head I decided to bunk it. The WORST decision of my life. The scales again came into play when it was later announced that we would have class the next day that is, Sunday!

Lesson learnt, Never mess with the scales.

But it is not all bad, at least the daily horoscope seems to say so. Apparently being a Libran also makes one gentle, calm, smart, loving, flirtatious and sensible. I have no qualms about any of these claims. I am rather inclined to believe it.(*Cough)
And the fact you get to share a zodiac sign with the likes of Gandhi, Catherine Zeta Jones, Eminem and Snoop Dogg can only up your billing among social peers.

On a final note, watch out for the birds in the morning. You don’t want to get caught square because once you do there is no revenge(read stone+throwing+revenge). The scales will be enforcing their law all month long.
Happy October folks!


14 thoughts on “Being A Libra

  1. Didn’t they introduce a new horoscope a while back? Like, I used to be an Aries, but with this new one, I’m something else… can’t remember what, though. It came out and there was literally a little bit of social revolt against it. I probably would have joined in, but I was too busy eating toast… like a true Aries! Or something like that anyway.
    Oh, and birds and totally evil. Watch out for the pigeons especially. They’ll take your spleen when you least expect it.

    • A new horoscope? Haven’t heard of it yet. It would be really hurtful if they carried it in daily horoscopes. All my life trying to be a libra and suddenly something like this coming up would be ….. well a shame.
      Nasty little creatures those birds. Will keep an eye out for the pigeons too.

  2. Haha great post. I too have been a Libra since birth, it’s going pretty well for me so far! Although some astrology circles seem to think I’m a Scorpio because my birthday’s on the 23rd, I think to hell with them!

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