Let’s Play Pretend

Or whatever the kids are calling it nowadays. There was a time when we would pretend to be doctor’s or big celebrities. That wasn’t it we could choose from an array of characters that we wanted to pretend to be and funny as it may sound, it was quite fun.
Fast forward a few years and this beloved game has all but vanquished from the surface of this planet. I bet global warming has something to do with it. Little kids are all into video games and whatever teenagers play the game are decidedly bad at it.

Let's play pretend

Take for example today’s relationships, nothing more than a big bad game of pretend. One person pretends to care for the other in the hope of gaining a bit of social standing among his/her peers. The wise one’s do refrain from playing this game but that doesn’t mean they don’t point and laugh at the ones that do.
As a wise one(*Cough) I have had a few good encounters with the pretentious and since I am all about sharing I will tell you all these embarrassing tales from others lives.

A friend of mine recently asked me to help him get a girlfriend so that he could brag about it later to his (future)wife.
Now what man in his right mind would do that? It is still a mystery how he wasn’t shot down by a sudden bolt of lightening at that very moment. Someone really needs to tell the guy that these are not the things one should brag about in a marriage. But being the good friend that I am and also not wanting to hurt his feelings I told him I’d help him as far as possible and that his future wife would be really proud of him.

Another encounter with another of my mate,
Mate: Dude! I am having trouble thinking about my girlfriend!! What should I do? I try and try but I still can’t.
Sami: You should be happy. You should channel your energy into more productive things like figuring out how you’ll raise cash for MY lunch.
Mate: I am serious. I love her, I really do but I can’t seem to get lost in her thoughts all day long. Oh! Why is it happening to me?!! *bursts into tears*
Sami: Umm.. err, Wanna go for ice cream?
Mate: Sure 🙂

I am so blessed to have such farcical friends. God knows what a boring existence I would be having without them.
On to the subject again, I guess what I mean to say is that I don’t really have problems with these “relationships” as long as the people involved in it are not so darned dramatic about it all the time. I know people who have a fit when they see their opposite talking to someone of the opposite sex or in some cases even looking.
“I love you and that’s that. No one else should even talk to you”
Then there’s also the case where people deliberately give up on their social activities and responsibilities for these matters.
Relationships are cool when they are serious, not when you are ruining my life by relating day to day stories of your lust to me.
That’s about it, look I even came up with a moral for this post. I really am growing as a writer, a serious one at that 😀
Yours truly


4 thoughts on “Let’s Play Pretend

  1. ‘Relationships are cool when they are serious, not when you are ruining my life by relating day to day stories of your lust to me.’ – this is exactly how I feel! I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for nearly 5 years now, but at no point have I ever thought it was a good idea to push this relentlessly in other people’s faces, even though people enjoy shoving theirs into mine… *shudder*.

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