Day and Age: A tale of trivial importance

The room is barren except for two men sitting on the table placed in the center of the room. The cry of a baby is heard in the background. Sami looks up. “That is another mother telling her child one of my tales from back in the day.” He takes a deep drag from his cigar and reclines further in his chair. The old man from across the table looks bemused. Sami continues, “The child weeps for he will never be what I have become today.”
“That’s right!” the old man quipped. “The child may never become the laughing stock you have become.”
A rusty smile breaks out from the quivering lips of the old man.
Both men exchange a cold stare, no love lost between the two after all these months

“You are a funny, funny old man.”  Sami finally replies. “So what have you thought of my proposal?”
The old man makes an  offensive gesture with his hand. “Do not take me for a fool young man. My demand stands, your offer is taking a piss in the park.”
“Your demand is outrageous” Sami growled, pounding his fist on the table. “You have everything, what more are you going to do with so much money?”
“Tsk, Tsk! It is this behavior of yours that will never allow you to progress in life. If and when you do progress…”
Sami swiftly swipes out his .45 cal from his jacket and points it at the old man.
“If and when it does happen, I can promise you one thing, You won’t be around to see it.”

Man with gun

Okay, okay I confess it is not how it all went. The incident happened a few days back when me and my math tutor got into an argument. My argument was that he should reduce my tuition fees because I had scored less in math. This is how the conversation between the two of us went.
Sami: Okay, so what have you thought about my proposal?
Old Man: Math is an important subject. It is going to help you a lot in your life ahead. A small test should not upset you. In short, NO!
Sami: Hmm, they do say you can judge a man’s character by the checks on his shirt with math.
Old Man: Only with math.
Sami: But of course with math, which other subject can have an answer to every trivial question in the universe? But sadly these trivial answers are not what I seek.
Old Man: How else are you going to be successful?
Sami: The same way every other billionaire did, ie without math.
Old Man: You are being trivial now.
Sami: My apologies, but do you mind if I ask you what you will do with the excess amount you make off of me.
Old Man: I will save it in my saving account for my futu…

It felt like I had triggered a gun. The wrinkles on the old man’s face quivered. I was expelled from his services.

                                        THE END


8 thoughts on “Day and Age: A tale of trivial importance

    • To put it into perspective, I was being reasonable. The old man put it upon himself 😛
      Yes, Math is a bi*ch. Unfortunately I am the only one in my family who doesn’t like math.

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