How Much Did You Score In Your Test?

Ever had a sinking feeling, especially after your done submitting your answer paper or expecting a good score on it and it kind of looks the opposite?….. Kind of. I know I have. It isn’t a very good feeling especially when your folks take a keen interest in your test scores.


Often students like myself come up with excuses, juvenile excuses to be exact. It isn’t very easy to come up with good excuses as it is to launch a rocket. So I decided I will help all of you in a similar situation as me by coming up with 4 failproof excuses for any and every situation where you’re asked, “How much did you score on your test”
Note: These STUNTS were tried under the supervision of trained professionals. Try at your own risk. Also if you’re a parent close this page immediately and forget you ever came across it.

Say the authorities lost your paper
Best explained with an example.
Parent: How much did you score on your test?
Student: I forgot one digit in my roll number and apparently my paper has been lost somewhere along with their trash. Chances of it being found are considerably low so I doubt we’ll know anytime soon.

Claim it was a hoax
This one happens to be my personal favorite and I have a perfect track record with it so treat it with care.
All you have to do is say that it was a prank planned by the teachers so as to get all students up to date with their lessons and that there actually was no real test. Works like a charm.

Say the paper got leaked and the question paper got disqualified
This one is best used when you don’t need to wait for your results to know how you have done. Submit your answer sheet and go home and dirty your Β mouth with this. BOMB of an excuse, should not be left out of your pantry of excuses.

Say the teachers are withholding the results till the Government meets all their demands
This is best used in democratic countries as the teacher’s association’s demands are rarely met these days. Should be a win win with this.

I am quite sure these will work for you, if they don’t I am not liable for it like with everything else. But I sincerely hope all this does work. And if it still doesn’t try force feeding your report card to your dog.
Sincerely yours


10 thoughts on “How Much Did You Score In Your Test?

  1. I remember for my Geography GCSE in school, I didn’t want to do it, but 10 years ago if you didn’t show up for a GCSE exam you (your parents) get fined 20 something quid for not showing up I don’t know about now. I didn’t want to do it though, I hated Geography, there was no point in it, what are you going to do with a Geography GCSE? Nothing that’s what, unless you want to be a Geography teacher later on in life, which I didn’t.

    So I went to my exam, wrote in the name field “Peetore Houwurth” then went to sleep listening to my mp3 player. Showed them.

    • Really? The Indian education board is so fuc*ed they don’t even allow us to carry an mp3 to the exam hall. They fear we might use it to hijack an aircraft and have it crash into the exam hall :S

      • Oh they don’t let you in England either, but they knew I wasn’t planning on doing the exam so they left me alone to save themselves the trouble haha!

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