India and Independence

Indian Flag

On this day 64 years ago, Indians announced their freedom to the world. Freedom fighters and political leaders climbed roof tops and announced to the world the birth of a new India. This India was supposed to be different from what any country was or was supposed to be. This India was to be built on the ideals of its people and run by the very righteous. 64 long years have passed since the inception of our ‘freedom’ and yet we continue to be on a downward spiral. This country has become the opposite of what it set out to be. Independence was just an excuse for starting over, to build something on our own. And yet when we failed we looked back at the past and blamed it on our colonial government. I don’t see any negative impacts of the British regiment clouding over us except the ever present rift between the Hindus and Muslims. Instead I think the British were doing us a favor by ruling over us. They came to India in search of business and in return they were gifted power over this land of ours by the foolish individuals ruling over us at that time. And yet they did not take it for granted, they brought about changes which are evident even today, The Education system, the roads and transport system, Cricket, The modern WC and industries among others. When I think of the developments brought about since we regained control over this country of ours, I can’t think of many, Instead we have undone some of the good things the British did. Corruption, inflation these were supposed to be the evils our country set out destroy not hold onto dearly to trouble our own kind.
Yes, the British did resort to violence and oppressive methods to tighten their leash around our people but we have no one to blame but ourselves for all that happened. Rule no 1 of ruling a province is, you never allow your enemies to take administrative control of your province in exchange for expensive gifts from abroad and Rule no 2 is, Never sign treaties without reading them. Once you break these rules you can’t really not expect the opposition to say, “Check mate” The Brits did what anyone would do, take over. And to think we blame them for everything that has gone wrong with our nation is just spiteful.
Indians celebrate this day in memory of the heroes that fell, in memory of the promises that were made and in the hope of a better tomorrow. That tomorrow is quite a distance from where we are currently standing. Too much time has been wasted thinking about what could have been its time to take a stand against the evils of the society. It is we, the people who are responsible for the pitiable state our country is in now. Its time we stopped pointing fingers, there is a huge task at hand. It is time we make this Independence count.
Yours Independently


2 thoughts on “India and Independence

  1. This is an interesting post from you my Indian friend, some very well thought out reflective reasoning. As a people, Indians have always been very cordial and friendly to me in face-to-face contact. As a nation, India has struggled but survived and is one of the great emerging economies of our world, along with China, Brazil, and yes, even Mexico. These nations will one day be the great economic powers that Britain, Europe, and the USA once were. In some of my best Spanish: Viva India!

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