The Age of Self Empathy

If Narcissus was alive today he wouldn’t have made a name for himself  as the famous self loving person. For those of you don’t know Narcissus(I’m sure everyone does) he was a beautiful young man who rejected all potential lovers and eventually fell in love with his own reflection. Narcissism a word that has stemmed out of this young man’s name and is used to describe some kind of problem in a person or group’s relationships with self and others. Personally I don’t think the word Narcissism should be used anymore, cause everyone is in love with themselves nowadays. The truth does not matter, what we believe is right and nothing can convince us otherwise. We might as well replace Narcissus’ name from Narcissism and include our own(Samissism, got a ring to it don’t it?) And since I’m very good at explaining stuff with examples, here’s one regarding this matter.

Self Portrait on FB

The point is we don’t just love our reflection we love every aspect of ourselves so much that we often empathize with our shortcomings. How many of these pics do we see on Facebook or other social networking nowadays? What pleasure does one get by clicking picture of themselves which only they will end up admiring? There was a time when photos were reminiscent of our past. I certainly don’t think mirror self portraits do that.
The thing about empathy is that it is not voluntary, It just wells up and overflows from within an individual, but trying to empathize with self seems a tad too desperate to me.
Recently my dad returned home from work dressed in a shiny, new suit. Upon his inquiry as to how he looked in the suit, I told him it was bad and that he really needed a stylist. To this he retorted angrily saying and I quote, “What do you kids know about fashion? All you people know is smearing your hair with gel and wearing your pants on your knees.” He then went on to say how good he looked in that suit and that I should learn to appreciate such quality too.
Desperate, don’t you think? After all, he needed assurance that he had made the right investment. So when he didn’t get it from me he proceeded to do it himself. Kind of  like modern day politicians who constantly empathize with their own mistakes resulting in the poor man’s sufferings(Anyone remember the healthcare reform?). It does explain why democracy isn’t turning out to be how it was once perceived to be, doesn’t it?
Opinions don’t matter anymore, they are just a formality. Suggestions are asked for but never taken. We are used to the system of backing our own claims against opinionated judgement. Empathy is the new attitude. Self empathy is the new empathy. Welcome to the age of self empathy, and this is our new reality.

*The picture in this post was stolen from some random dude’s facebook profile. The views are solely of the author’s and don’t represent the views of they decide to pay for it).
This article does not intend to offend anyone who is interested in self portraits, merely laugh at them for a few seconds till it stops being funny.  


9 thoughts on “The Age of Self Empathy

  1. I’ve been accused of being a narcissist, it is true for all of us at varying degrees, and I definitely have self-empathy. lol

  2. Personally I use the self-timer on my camera. No mirror required!

    The example of your dad’s suit was hilarious. Self-empathy: that’s a very sharp observation. I’ll be watching out for instances of self-empathy so I can stamp on them with self-castigation pronto.

  3. Have to agree with nickelbeck – platypus mouth and cleavage hints – those photos are the biggest laughs. Toilet portraits I can forgive – the brain function goes down considerably during puberty, but what is with all those women!
    And Sami – no matter who asks, you always, always tell them they look good. Unless you can find a way to jump out of the window. Trust me.

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