Stop Being So Nice

So here we are after a long and painful weekend. Painful as it was, it also was weird and not in a good way. People all around me were acting different, they were acting nice. Whatever I said or did was greeted with a nice job, good work etc. What would otherwise evoke contempt was now being lauded. It didn’t really help my cause to, ‘Annoy and Agonize’. Let me explain with a few examples.
Yesterday’s incident
Mother: Go study, exams are just around the corner. You don’t want to be clutching at straws later.
Me: NO!
Mother: Okay, maybe tomorrow.
Now what was that all about? Usually a response like that would earn me an hour’s worth of lecture on the importance of education and another hour on respect and etiquette. Where did all that go?
Today’s incident
Chemistry teacher: Where is your practical record? I haven’t received it yet.
Me: I don’t think I’ll submit it this week
Teacher: Never mind, there’s always a next week.
That was funny. The practical record is something that HAS to be submitted on Monday, no excuses accepted. I was half expecting to be abused, threatened and possibly knocked down, but none of that happened. Instead I was told I could postpone it till next week. These are just a few of the incidents, such things have been happening to me all week. Has the world suddenly turned entirely on its axis?  Nice people make me uneasy, it makes my evil persona uneasy. It is like all these people are plotting against me. Something has to be amiss. Maybe people want me to be nice to them in return. Maybe they want something from me, you know how people act when they need a favor from you. If you nice people are actually attempting to get something from me, HAHA! Good luck with that, this is reality and I am the bad guy of this story. In short never gonna happen. Yet so many people wanting something from me seems fishy. I’m still skeptical of this act people are putting up.

Or maybe they have some other agenda all together, I’m gonna need to awaken the Sherlock Holmes in me to figure this one out. But then again I haven’t had any sleep for like 3 days now, could be I’m just imagining things. Whatever it is I need it to end, Can’t stand to see everything be so sugar coated. Need misery in life. Please help.
Yours Un-Happily


6 thoughts on “Stop Being So Nice

  1. You’re so ungrateful. Why can’t you stop being selfish, and accept people’s kindness? Does it always have to be about you?!

    Did that help? 🙂 (Just kidding by the way. I am only genuinely mean when someone gives me a real reason for it. Ha!)

  2. Haha. I was waiting for someone to write something like this.
    It’s kinda awkward,but it keeps happening.
    And well,people whom you’d expect to be rude suddenly becomes nice ? Well,could possibly say reverse psychology. Such people are those who don’t care about you/have given up hopes of advising you. Either ways,if you care about their existence,then you are the loser here. :p

    Sincerely,Friend sailing in the same boat. :/

    • I don’t really care about how people feel or anything its just that when they’re nice its kind of a bummer because then I have to act nice too 😛
      Thanks for passing by 🙂

  3. Well I don’t know about mothers (but then, who does) but I can say for sure that the next week, that Chemistry teacher is not going to check that file. Chemistry teachers are wicked. Fumes and chemicals do things to their brains. I know, 4 years with them in college. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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