You know you’re a developing nation when..

I have seen a fair few countries in my lifetime. I have seen countries that were developing but are now quite developed. I have seen under developed countries and I have seen countries that have been bearing  the developing tag for over half a century. I have no qualms with the countries that did manage to become developed or countries that put no effort into it at all. But I do have problems when countries that claim to be so close to reaching the top for ages especially when it happens to be the country of my origin. Now I’d like to think that I know the difference between developed and developing, something our politicians don’t seem to have grasped yet. So if any of you government knackers are reading this, do take notes.

You know you’re a developing nation when..

Half the country is illiterate
More than 50% of India’s population is uneducated. Promises have been made and will be, but improvements can barely be seen.

Half the country takes a dump on the road

Explicit Content

It wasn't advisable to post a pic on this one

A common site on Indian roads. We may laugh at it, but this is one aspect that requires serious attention. India reportedly loses $50 billion every year due to lack of proper sanitation facilities and the diseases caused by it.

Stray animals rule the streets
And I don’t mean it as a metaphor, I mean real animals. It is commonplace to see cows and dogs roaming the streets in India and not just villages, major cities too. About 100,000 years ago man invented something called the barn, it’s about time we started using it.

The only athletes to win anything at international events fail dope tests


Which drug could she have used?

How is it that a country of 1.2 billion find it so hard to win more than 1 gold medal? The jinx WAS broken when the Indian athletes won a dozen gold medals at the recently concluded Asian Games. Sadly all of them failed their dope tests a few months later.

Your politicians are as rich as Bill Gates

Okay, Maybe I exaggerated a little bit, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that politics(especially in India) is now looked upon as a money making industry. Want to get rich quick? Join politics.


9 thoughts on “You know you’re a developing nation when..

  1. Sami, sadly yours is not the only country. Precisely why I met my husband, really. Many politicians in his country back when he had to flee had similar aspirations. He wanted to build free schools.

  2. The major reason i believe India is still developing would be due to its citizens. We the people act so ignorant towards our nation. About doing some of the basic duties we feel lazy, a person talking about politics is not so cool or simply jobless! Youngsters today find it embarrassing to get into politics and try setting it rite.. after all the field of politics is so dirty. What else do the greedy politicians want to establish their dynasty?! Moreover they are so corrupted….. RIGHT!! What about the common people who stand for the movement of a better India but make their things easily done by bribing the middle men…?

    • Parents too don’t encourage their children to take it up as a profession nowadays. This is mainly because of the image the men in power portray nowadays.

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