Archie, The Luckiest Comic Book Character Ever?

Archie and friends

Has it ever happened to you that you’re reading a comic book and then you wish you had a life like the main protagonist? Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes excluded of course(Every one wants to have an imaginary friend). I always wanted to be like Archie and to think I never even liked him much, atleast not as much as Jughead or Betty and yet somehow I thought he had a better life. The first thing when you think of Archie would be trouble but those are the kinds you wouldn’t mind getting into(high school detention) unlike the trouble’s of his other comic book counterparts. What do the likes of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, even Hagar have in common? They all have terrible lives. Superman – His planet was destroyed. Hagar is constantly involved in battles and wars(though it might seem funny). Batman and Spiderman were orphaned at a young age. Bruce Wayne is lonely and Peter Parker has a messed up social life. What separates Archie  from the others is the simplicity with which the character is presented and his extraordinarily charming life. We all can identify with him. He has a best friend in Jughead who is ever present to aid him in all his difficulties. Veronica and Betty his friends cum Girlfriends  and a proud friend in Reggie Mantle. A near perfect existence if it weren’t for his bad spell at high school and his affliction for trouble and yet I wouldn’t mind a life like that. Two girls fighting over you, A best friend who will never leave your side, a jealous one who still cares about you, somehow I can’t but help but think of myself as any other character other than Archie(to an extent of course).It might seem a bit juvenile but I am allowed to such beliefs 😉 Have you ever had a comic book inspiration?


6 thoughts on “Archie, The Luckiest Comic Book Character Ever?

    • Superheroes Super villains they’re are all the same to me. I like normal day to day characters like Archie, Calvin, Marvin and Dennis more.
      Thank you for reading 🙂

  1. Yo Archie’s here too! I used love to behave like Betty (not the dumb part of her though!), be treated like Ron.. hog, rest (ultimately sleep) n act smart like Juggie, be innovative like Dilton… or sometimes dumb like Moose..Lol!! Perhaps all characters in Archie’s comics have their significant roles! 😉

    • Treated like Ron? :O You mean like a rich self obsessed brat?… Kidding 😉
      Yup all of them are good, I have so many Archie’s now I could make a fortune by selling them. That is how much I love them 🙂

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