Indian Education : A Sham

My social life was turned 180 degrees on its head this week. Weekends completely destroyed and self esteem considerably lowered after my parents forcefully enrolled me into another coaching class, this one being for CET(Common Entrance Test). Now my free hours are reduced to 6 hours in the night on weekdays and I longer look forward to weekends. I am not the only one complaining, almost every Tom, Dick and Harry is made to attend these classes in the hope of getting admission to some bogus university. What is the reason for this? I’ll tell you what the reason is, our education system is majorly flawed. Our education system does not allow us to think independently and question or contradict scientific or mathematical concepts. Career choices are forced upon the students. If you don’t happen to pursue engineering or medicine, you are looked down upon. I don’t have any interest in either of these fields and yet I’m forced to prepare for entrance exams to these. People often question why a country of 1.2 billion people cannot win anything at the Olympics or hasn’t brought anything new to the field of arts in recent times, the answer lies within our system. I don’t mind writing these exams, what bothers me most is that the results for these exams are not statistics of how you have performed but the rank which you have scored. How many times have we heard that no two people are alike and yet the basic agenda of this examination is to pitch one students intelligence with another, to compare.

It is a known fact that Indian students find it incredibly hard to get into foreign universities, when this was posed as a question to a representative of the Yale he replied, “Our students spend their free time doing extracurricular activities, any free time those(Indian students) students get is spent in doing homework.” See the contrast? And our system makes no effort to change this. Recently the CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) 10th grade exams were scraped for a year round evaluation, it sounds good at first, but the reality of it is, instead of preparing for major overhaul at the end of the year you are forced to prepare of weekly evaluations in every subject which then amount to your total score. And the worst part of it is the evaluation continues for two years and takes a big toll on the student’s life. To the education board we are just robots that need to be synchronized for industrial purpose. The biggest achievements of our Education system are – acquiring the highest number of suicide cases, providing quality-less education and comparing one student from another based on some trivial test score. Even among the literate there only a handful who receive quality education.It can only be changed by changing the mindset of the society and bringing awareness that there are more careers to this world than just doctors, engineers and MBAs. Only then will there be achieved the dream of quality education to all in all the streams.

Indian Education


5 thoughts on “Indian Education : A Sham

  1. I am an engineer. By the end of first year I knew this wasn’t the thing for me. I know work in the glam-glam event management industry. Its fun and it is what I want. The education system is ruined, no second thoughts about that. There are times when I think (mostly during paydays) that I should have taken up an engineering job. But then I speak with my cubicle-creature engineer friends and change my mind again..

    • You are? Wow! Never occurred to em :O
      I know, I want to work in some field that’ll give me something new to deal with everyday not the everyday rigors of engineering. I see my dad and I am exhausted, can’t get into that field myself. And the education system it juts gets worse by the day. Now you have to write atleast 5 different entrance exams just to get a seat in a decent uni :/

  2. Yeah thats so true. It could be called no less than a dark age where ppl though not have the right to object but make sure they put the non-engineer or non-doctor down. It is not the hardwork or the achievement that people appreciate, good engineers or doctors earns so much that they become the gods. If i ask anyone abt music, dance, fashion designing as a career option they think i must be a failure n hence opting this path. Likely, the world here converges to money n money minded ppl. Its sad but true that the ones who taught us “The Road Not Taken”, now force us to follow the beaten path…

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