Doctor Doctor!

Its a bright sunny morning here in India. Some of these mornings are downtrodden disgusting and some times they just surprise you with a … well surprise. My 7 AM alarm had a wicked thing in store for me today. To avoid misinterpretation of my metaphors and bad puns I will go straight to the point, I was sick. Not a very nice thing to happen is it? But it is when you get to miss classes!! I haven’t missed a single class for quite some time now, atleast not legitimately. I was pretty much excited at the prospect of having a blissful day till Mother forced me to the Hospital. Hospitals are disgusting, they bring back memories of the time I was sitting in the emergency ward and saw a construction worker who had just lost an arm being wheeled off, a man with a nail nailed into his thumb and finally the doctor who took pleasure out of flashing a pair of scissors in front of me while stitching my forehead. No wonder I was never interested in playing Doctor Doctor.

Scary DOctor

Today’s trip was less gore more comedy trip( cheap comedy at that). The Doctor seemed to be more interested in talking about my personal life than taking care of whatever virus I had. He kept insisting I take up Medicine for further studies, ‘It is a helluva experience’ in his words followed by a Narcissistic laugh. 15 minutes into our conversation he finally started playing with his flash light and all that regular stuff Doctors do and finally declares I’ll need another day off to completely recover. BOOM! that’s what I like to hear, worth every buck I had to spend. No sooner had I collected the prescription I ran straight for the door. Little did I know that there was a bench kept on its side just outside, I tripped over it, got a horrific cut and earned another trip back to the Doctor’s office. And so I have another tale to add to my Worst Hospital trips ever(A book I will hopefully write). I would go into more detail but sadly the bright lights from the laptop screen may just stroke me out(too much of House I guess) and I have no intention of having the entire week off.
Have you ever had a horrific trip to the Hospital? I could surely add to my list of banal stories šŸ˜‰
Yours un-healthily


8 thoughts on “Doctor Doctor!

  1. Oh. My. Lord. I have been waiting for someone to ask me that question! Of course I’ve had a horrific trip, and of course it was blogged about. I’m so sorry that you earned two trips in one day, though (lol, no pun intended)!

  2. Meh, I was once hospitalized for the better part of a week for asthma. My roommate and I spent the whole time making the nurses crazy with our antics. Let’s just say, I’m sure there is still peanut butter on the ceiling tiles in that room.

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