5 tips to improve your blog content

I have been  a part of the blogging world for some time now, not as an active blogger but an avid reader. I think it was after reading about Perez Hilton in a local tabloid that I discovered the beautiful world of blogging. It wasn’t until recently that I became a blogger myself and can definitely say it is one of the best things I have ever done. It is very endearing when someone comment’s and like’s my posts and gives me a feeling of morbid satisfaction. But all is not well in the land of blogging, its not all fairy tale to some. Recently while on one of my reading sprees(blogs of course) I noticed many blogs which were just lying dead in the sense they were being updated but there was no feedback on any of them. It wasn’t very surprising cause as a reader I wasn’t very impressed. Many of those posts had the potential to be huge but sadly none of them were. So since I haven’t done anything good in a long time, I’m gonna give some free advice. Note that these tips are given from a reader’s perspective not an inexperienced blogger’s.

Never use slang

It is the worst sin a blogger could commit, when you upload posts you want it to be easy on the reader not make it look like a jigsaw puzzle. And for the record it is not cool, as most people think(generally the younger bloggers).

Do not plagiarize
I know you’ve heard this before and you adhere to it strictly but what I’m pointing at are those review blogs. Many a times I’ve noticed that some of these review blogs  have the exact same content as some newspapers and tabloids. No one wants to read the review from Variety on your blog, we want originality so give it to us.

NEVER limit your post to just 1 line
This is one thing that annoys me the most. Often I’ve clicked on some catchy title only to see a one line post(sometimes a couple of words even). For heaven’s sake, that is what Twitter is for. Status messages should be limited to social networking only.

Never impose your views on your readers
If you’re a republican, it doesn’t mean everyone has to its okay if you have democrat readers. Its a free world and the internet is a symbol of freedom. You should allow your readers to read and chose what they believe and not force them to seeing things your way

Do not post about your high school hook-up’s
Yes, this happens more often than not. There are many blogs that deal with this subject and I find them very.. uncomfortable.  Doesn’t mean all of them are weird just some of them that go to insane lengths describing their sexual experiences and every minute detail as if it was some heroic gesture on their behalf. You do not want your readers to read and say

And that’s about it. I hope this helps all those who haven’t been able to gain a large readership.

Till next time


20 thoughts on “5 tips to improve your blog content

  1. Interesting tips! These aren’t ones I’ve heard about often, but they’re just as important as any other “rules”. A lot of people seem not to think about these tips, despite that most of them are common sense. It can be incredibly annoying.

  2. I don’t think I do any of that – do I? Maybe the “impose your views” one – after all, I write because of a particular view I have. But people are free to debate with me!

  3. Damn! This means I can’t write a post about how I lick toads. Sorry, I mean how I like toads. Not only would it be a one liner, but it would be slang. Well, at least… frogs would regard it as slang.

    I’d add one other ‘rule’… add a little humour from time to time. 🙂

    (I hope you don’t mind smileys.)

    • Yes, and you don’t want to get upset because of it when the frogs take over the world. 😉

      Another important element(humor). I agree.

      I am sucker for smileys, takes a great bit of effort to prevent myself from using them in my posts.

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