I Lie About My Age….. A Lot

Yes, you read right. I do it all the time. I did it when I first created a Facebook account, I did it when I wanted discounts in certain shops, I also did it to get free scholarships. It wasn’t the cliched, ‘I am 40 but I prefer calling myself 25’ lie instead I lied to make myself seem older.

I am not old

I am normally considered to be a good liar, my skills have bore fruit even in the most testing of circumstances, the only time I am ever caught lying is when I lie about my age and yet I never stop trying. I wouldn’t mind being a 30 something guy or maybe even a 40+ dude as long as I am taken seriously. I am 17(you first heard it on The Embarrassment). No one takes 17 year old’s seriously, Heck even I’d think they are juvenile if I were older. Come to think of it I don’t think I’ll stop lying about my age until I’ve crossed 30. Though I often hear the term ‘mature teenagers’ I don’t really believe in it. Yea right! if such a thing ever existed. All teenagers want to do is get drunk, get laid and more often than not get depressed over non existent issues, its almost a trend nowadays. What is horrifying is that I am categorized with these prima donnas(teenagers) because of my age. Though not all are bad, I’d still like to be in a better age zone.
Till next time
Yours ageing-ly


10 thoughts on “I Lie About My Age….. A Lot

  1. Oh! I have been there. Thankfully I had a lot of ‘sane teenager’ friends. But yes, I know what it is like. The weird part is, I grew up only to find out that the as ‘adults’ too they won’t take you seriously. A 40yr old will still say the same things to me that he said 8 years ago. Finally over it not. Not that a 40yr old isn’t crazy at times

    • They just don’t understand that there are a few white sheep among the black one’s do they? Hence I have sworn to add a few years to my age whenever any one asks, till I’m 30 😛

  2. In Japan, asking peoples ages always turns into a game. You ask and they always ask “How old do you think I am?”. It’s fun. I do it now as well. Sorry, random.

  3. Interesting post. I have never lied about my age and yet people often think I am younger than my age.

    I once had a blogmeme about movie, and someone who was 1 year younger than me was quite surprised that I am older than him. He said my blog looks like people in early 20s.

    Don’t worry about your age much…I have a movie blogger friend in that age, and we all (a bunch of movie bloggers who are much older than him) always take his opinions seriously

  4. This year I turned 20, but I wanted to make it fun, so I told everyone I was turning 18. At first they were like, “Yeah right, SURE you are,” but then the more I stuck to it, the more they got confused. By the time my party rolled around, they were convinced 😉

    I’m going to be the best age-lier in history. My gravestone won’t even know what to say.

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