The want away Maid

Never before in my life have I ever seen fireworks from such a close range as I did yesterday inside of my house. It was around 7:00 PM and as the events of the said event unfolded things just went BOOM,BOOM and BOOM. Now before you go into a frenzy it was metaphorical fireworks, so no need to get excited just as yet. Now before I get into details I might have to run you through a bit of facts so you can have a better picture of what I’m about to say.
Here are the events that took place in my household a couple months back:
1) Mother hires a full time maid to work at our place(ie she has to stay with us too).
2) Maid does good job, everyone’s impressed.
3) The maid is very happy, says she’s glad she got to work for us.
4) 2 months into this job, she earnestly asks for a vacation as the work seems to be wearing her down.
5) Mother readily accepts and wishes her well.
6) Maid leaves and promises to be back in a few days.
7) Maid extends her holidays by a week without informing us.

And now the story begins. Maid returned to our place day before yesterday, made a few excuses about how she got caught up in family affairs and set about her work. Everything looked normal then, but little did we know that in the course of one and a half day normal was going to be turned on its head. Since her return Maid had been getting many mysterious calls, calls she had never before received. The phone kept ringing day and night and whenever she’d answer(that is always) she would talk in hushed tones and try to avoid the other house members as much as possible. It was abundantly clear that something had taken place in the past few days and she wanted to keep it a secret. Personally I was hoping she was involved with some drug cartel so we could drag her over to the nearest police station and be proclaimed as national heroes, but sadly it was not to be. Mother showed no interest, she didn’t want to make her feel like she was being scrutinized.

Then yesterday the situation escalated to unbelievable heights. As I returned home yesterday, I found the Maid ireful, sitting in a corner and mouthing curses under her breath. Mother was furiously speaking into the phone, Maid’s relatives I suspected. Nothing intense happened after that and just when I thought the drama had quieted down, the phone rang. It was the mysterious caller again, he asked for Maid. Mother firmly refused and told him to never call again as Maid’s family had asked Mother to prevent her from talking to this mysterious guy. Seeing this Maid who had been quite all this time suddenly burst into a frenzied rage. She demanded all her salary be paid immediately so she could leave. Mother refused and told her she wouldn’t be allowed to leave unless her family came to collect her. This was followed by a war of words by both parties in which Maid several time disowned her parents, cursed us and called herself a whore(really!). Mother was flustered, Maid was threatening suicide, robbery and the like. Meanwhile me and my sister made merry watching the events as they unfolded. The scene was really beginning to mirror some cheap Bollywood flick and I couldn’t help but laugh. The argument continued for about an hour after which Mother called in back up for safety(and security) concerns(The entourage included her brother and a few other relatives). Maid was made to sit overnight till her parents came in the morning.More drama occurred, this time the parents disowning her and calling her a whore. On her way out the Maid did threaten to get back at us for not paying her the desired amount(which was monumental for even an Engineer). The events were truly dramatic and the only way it could have been made better was by concluding with Donald Trump saying..

Donald Trump - You're Fired

There is a lesson to be learnt from all of this, what it is I do not know but sure hope one day I will. All these events make me believe,
God writes a lot of comedy… the trouble is, he’s stuck with so many bad actors who don’t know how to play funny.

To those of you wondering what caused the sudden change in Maid’s behavior, turns out she wanted away with some of her guy friends. Why? I’ll let you make a guess.

PS: Special thanks to Mother for putting in a brave fight, not giving in to threats and taking precautionary measures for our safety. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The want away Maid

  1. It’s like you have a crystal ball that sees into my childhood and you switched out the word “Maid” for “Sister.” Drama — always exhausting at the moment, but makes for such damned good stories. Thanks for sharing (and for visiting).

    • Thank you for your feedback, It makes me really happy to see other’s comments and also the fact that they can identify with a little of my works. 🙂

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