The Bitching Analogy

Bright beginnings have been void of my day’s for a long time now and finally having one today is relieving, it renews my faith in the supernatural and other absurd stuff. Firstly we had heavy showers flooding up my area, read that as flood=holiday. Secondly I was featured in Necrotic Hijinks’ article. A great read with even better illustrations. So far so good, and then I was struck by an idea for my next(this) post. This idea can only be better explained by a story which I am going to narrate as kindergarten teacher’s do(as Mr. Hijinks points out). I understand my story telling might not be the best in the world but here’s hoping you still like it.

Once upon a time there lived a family, and to avoid any misconceptions this family didn’t live happily ever after cause they died. But during the once upon a time they were happy, they had friends, family and knights in shining armor. The world was a clean place to live in no lies, no betrayal no reality TV. The family had a butler called Beet Chester, the family affectionately called him Beetch. Beetch was a loyal servant he did anything he was asked for and was very prompt with his duty. Beetch was a bit of a gambler and at most times would have been hungry had it not been for his employers. Once Beetch’s bitch fell very ill.sick bitch He loved this bitch but did not have the means to save her. The vet’s charges were quite expensive and he had already gambled away most of his earnings. He turned to the family in a desperate plea. The family refused saying they had warned him about his habits. Beetch was shattered, he lost all control. As his bitch neared her death, he became more and more withdrawn from the world. The pain had reached unbearable heights, he decided to end his life. Before he fastened the noose around his neck he cursed humanity, wishing them all the pain in the world. The curse which is today known as The Curse of the bitch.

This is the curse which instills in us humans the need to bitch, backbite and gossip about other people. Man is never happy, so he dwells in hateful discussion of other people. We all are victims of this curse or have been at some time. It is accepted as a cultural norm, promoted by TV and Internet and practiced by us all. We don’t wishfully indulge into it, we are unknowingly drawn and will continue to be unless we take a firm stand against it rather than just accept it. All it takes is a steel will(or maybe a shaman).

NOTE: If you find gaping holes in the plot of the story, fill it up with your imaginations and if you’d like to reproduce the story in a more dramatized way contact the author.



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