Better never than late


I’m in one of my moods again, the one which makes me pace around as if I’m on death row and pop my snake eyes and curse with my mouth closed and set my hair on fire(okay, maybe not the last one). If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m annoyed which has now become something of a regular occurrence given that I still don’t have a billion bucks or discovered pokemons yet. ‘Chance is a word void of sense; nothing can exist without a cause.’ And so there is a reason for this plethora of emotions you now see on your screen. I was supposed to meet a friend at a restaurant at 2:00 PM. Lets just say we had some important issues to discuss, things that needed to be urgently taken care of. So I promptly show up at the venue a little earlier than decided. The restaurant was beautiful, the air around it had a certain ambiance that just made you want to spend a little more time there. As I scooped the place with my untrained eye a quick glance at the clock told me it was 2:20. It was 2:20!!! Hell here I was waiting like a good Samaritan to help my friend and the ungrateful imp pays me back by being late? Why can’t people ever be on time? The worst part of it all was the excuse he offered for being late. “Sorry I’m late, ran out of hair gel, couldn’t show up without my hair done could I?” Okay first of all, you’re not forgiven for being late. If I was God I would consider it reason enough to send you to hell. And secondly I don’t care how you look or whether you’re dressed or not as long as you show up on time. Nothing can ever be a good reason for being late unless you are being hunted down by Superman. Rich and famous people now consider it eccentric to show up late at events and meetings, It has become commonplace to show up late. Punctuality has become a myth, a legend which is no longer passed down and yet I refuse to let go of my punctual habits. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll be viewed as a rare specimen for my punctuality maybe even start a revolution for the cause. Will you be a part of it?
Yours punctually


6 thoughts on “Better never than late

  1. I am generally a very punctual person, indeed I more often than not show up 10 minutes early because I figure there is a good chance something will happen to cause me to be 10 minutes late.
    If I am going to be late I call ahead and notify the person who will be waiting for, basic courtesy, no longer common. I’m with you this one all the way.

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