Mumbai Bomb Blasts

Memories of the 26/11 flooded back in the minds of all Indians as they watched news channels broadcasting live scenes from the recent bomb blasts in Mumbai. Mumbai was struck by three powerful bomb blasts last night that has reportedly killed 21 and injured over hundreds. A crowded bus stand and a jewelry market were among the targets. The first reactions to this news were anguish, disgust, helplessness which was then followed by questions. Why Mumbai? This is the fourth time since 2003 that such a high profile terrorist act has been carried out in the financial capital of India. Facts such as this often lead the citizens to ponder if something is wrong with the way this part of the country is ruled. The governors don’t seem to be taking their jobs seriously, what with all the corruption allegations coming up.
 A Mumbai police plan to set up a city-wide 5,000-camera surveillance network has been gathering dust in the state home department since January 2009.
Now why would the authorities allow this to happen? Wouldn’t it be easier to identify these terror mongers with these facilities involved? Haven’t we lost enough lives already? People might say the government is doing everything in its power to stop these attacks, but frankly I see no changes that have happened between 2008 and now. Everything is still the same. Even the perpetrators of the 26/11 haven’t been brought to justice despite one of the gun men being in the custody of the Indian Police. Something needs to be done, and done fast. The authorities need to instill the belief among us citizens that we’re safe. 


9 thoughts on “Mumbai Bomb Blasts

  1. When Ajmal Kasab gets the basic privilages from the govt. that even many of the Indian slums lack of, for so long delaying his execution, quick steps on security could be a far thought but hopefully there’ll be an exceptional case that’ll take up 😐

  2. Yup it was a shock especially since I had left the city just an hour ago. I can’t imagine wat my reaction would have been if I had been at the scene of the macabre… One laughable thing was that even the politicians couldn’t reach each other due to failure in the phone lines. If this is the state for politicians, one can imagine the mental state of someone trying to frantically reach their loved ones.

      • The Gov r 2 busy fighting over which lang is more imp and which street name should be made more Indian than Hinglish… I find the whole situation appalling.

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