The beginning of the end of the point we were lost in translation

This post is an ode to the essence of being weird. But what is weird? Who is weird? Is it bad to be weird? I hope to be able to answer those questions in the next 5 minutes that you are going to waste enjoy reading this. Weird is normal, it is something we all perceive to be when we say we want to be different. Weird is what separates us from each other. To a poor man, the lifestyle of a rich man is always going to be weird but it doesn’t mean he is a freak. It is the same as saying One person’s treasure is another’s junk. Weird doesn’t exist, it is an image we create for ourselves to comfort us when we’re out of our comfort zone. The only place you see ‘weird’ people is on reality shows, but that is because they are almost always misinterpreted and often provoked to do absurd things, but it goes without saying that those contestants are quite normal in their real lives. Why did they seem weird while on TV? It is because we wanted them to, they wouldn’t draw much attention by being their normal selves on TV would they? Weird is unrealistic, but in a good way if seen in its true light.

Who is weird?
We all are, Being weird is what makes us unique. I have no qualms about being called weird and neither should you. There is also the common belief that freakishly perverted people(referring to any and every bad element is society) are weird.They are not, the only thing they should be called is insane. Weird is a separate class and they deserve to be treated with respect. Call yourself weird and be proud.

Despite the misleading title I hope you enjoyed the read.
Yours Weirdly


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