You’re not invited, so stay out.


Just as I was about to dwell on happy thoughts and act positively I was intruded upon, by guests. Unwanted, uninvited and nosy as they come. To make matters worse, they had a pesky little kid who seemed to pleasure himself by touching everything with his tongue. Another weekend gone to waste. The only purpose these visitors have is to ask questions and mostly there are only two types, One’s which they already know the answers to and one’s that you don’t want to answer. Oh! and there’s another purpose too, ruining weekends. This is the second weekend in a row that someone’s showed up on my front door uninvited. Next time this happens the morning paper will read,  Chainsaw massacre, Guests run a risk of being mutilated.

Yours un-kindly host


4 thoughts on “You’re not invited, so stay out.

  1. Hahahaha! Sami boy, you write what I feel all the time, in a way better than I feel them myself. Have had a lot of weekends murdered like this. Love love love this one!

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