It is Friday!! The second best day after Monday when you can nag, rant, bitch and whine about things that just seem to be happening to annoy you. I have had a miserable week so far and to top it of I had the misfortune of utilizing the services provided by the Indian City Buses. The worst possible punishment you could inflict on a person is to force him/her to use these filthy, overcrowded buses.
Here are a few reasons why one should not use this service:
1) It is unhygienic, these buses are so overcrowded you should consider yourself lucky if you can find a spot to sit. The rest have to stand, usually on each others toes with their body parts in constant contact with those of at least 5 others(Not to worry, I was travelling on the foot board) .
2) You could get killed by the insane amount of elbows sticking in your ribs.
3) Getting out of the bus may take forever unless you’re willing to bribe fellow commuters to clear a path for your exit.
I could go on and on with my rant but since it is a free country it would only be right if I offered you a chance to judge for yourself. Here’s a pictorial representation of the (in)glorious Indian Buses.



3 thoughts on “Bus-ted

  1. The first one reminds me of my internship days at Bombay *shudders*. These days I have to drive to work, which is 18kms of torture away. Frankly, with the stupid, stupid stupid traffic around, I would rather have the elbows as the cause of my death. The traffic in my city is that bad! *sigh*

  2. I wouldn’t mind all that much if I died with elbows in my ribs but I just hope they’d stop charging me full fare price for it. I got charged full price today for having one foot inside and one hand on the railing :S

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