Death defying thought

Something similar to this.

A truck lay on its side across the road. Massive chunks of watermelon that had been on board now lay scattered across the floor.People from all directions hurried towards the scene, each one keen on analyzing the extent of the damage done and pass their verdict. No one in particular seemed moved by what had happened . A few feet from the overturned truck a small crowd had gathered. As I encroached, the bloody sight came into my view. The truck driver lay on his back, drenched in blood. His wounds were all exposed. Massive pieces of his flesh were missing. He kept saying something in an unfamiliar language. It sounded like a prayer.

I was witness to this site when I was 11 years old. To this day it has to be the most gruesome sight I have ever encountered. I was overwhelmed by the sight and the general reaction of people to it. People were more concerned about the economic impact of it more than anything else.

“Give me one more chance.”, as I later learned was what the driver was saying. What made him say it? Didn’t he want his pain and suffering to end? From what I could deduce from the scene, he would never make a full recovery(if he survived) then why did he still want to live? What makes man fear death so much? Is it the sudden realization that it is the end of the road(no afterlife) or the grief of not having done certain things in life? Whatever the answer to that, I don’t know but when time come I hope I have them.


11 thoughts on “Death defying thought

  1. I think its mostly due to the attachment we gain to ourselves and people around us in life, that even if one is leading not so great life he fears death. He probably fears that he’ll be dragged away from he loved ones. Or the other reason could be the fear of external life or life after death and how some proclaim it to be like suffering in hell till the time exists.

      • Yeah certainly it has to be considered and accepted as the universal truth.. But its more like a sudden thrust of emotional crisis… There’s no need to be afraid but the fear just can’t stop itself (i say it empathizing the situation) and hope some day i get the right answers too

  2. Isn’t almost everyone afraid of what they don’t know? Logically, it’s ridiculous to be afraid — death being the great equalizer that comes for us all eventually. But emotionally, it’s probably natural to want to fight it, to delay it, to postpone stepping into the unknown.

  3. That is moving indeed. Such close encounters stay with us forever, espcially if they happen at such young age. Answers? I don’t have them too. I wrote a blog sometime back on similar topic, and ended it with a similar line.

  4. A book recommendation for you, Ernest Becker’s “The Denial of Death”. It is an eye opener for sure.

    Personally I’m not so much afraid of death, as I don’t believe in an afterlife, but don’t want to leave life since it is the only one I’ll have.

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  6. Hi, I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog – and this post stands out. This is the sort of profound experience that lingers in the mind. Life is sweet, isn’t it? We cling on to it…

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