The Inspirational Woes

“The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.”
Inspired? I was kind of hoping for a massive impact with that one.

Today this hyperactive, obnoxious blogger of yours will dwell(rather brood) on the subject of inspiration. Inspiration, A term Google defines as – The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. Oddly that made me think of electrocution.

At some time in our life’s we are all inspired to do, to be and sometimes to have but not always for the right reasons. I was once so inspired by a report I read online that I copied every word of it for my English essay, ironically the report turned out to be about internet plagiarism.
Unreal things also have the power to inspire, case in point, the movie industry. Broadway and Bollywood fans have been inspired for eons now. They all hope to fall in love through a song and dance sequence so that they too can have the same happy ending as their favorite musicals(I don’t blame them, Broadway is so realistic).

There was a time when the masses were inspired by a select few, today everyone wants to set an inspiration. From drug addled musicians to controversial politicians, every one wants to leave behind a legacy. But what do you do when no one wants to be the inspired. Every wants to be different now, have their own identities. In such times is it ideal to insist our ideologies on others?
This is one question we must answer for ourselves. What do you think?
Yours inspiring


7 thoughts on “The Inspirational Woes

  1. It seems easier to become an inspiration because it is now easier to reach an audience. And in ways it is easier, we now have musicians who started their careers crooning in their pajamas on youtube or myface. For the truly inspirational, it has become easier.

    For the talentless masses who have always perceived themselves as being above average (guilty as charged), it has not changed. In fact we are competing against more people because everyone is giving it a go. Your message just becomes lost in a maelstrom of drivel.

    Still it is a very understandable aim, the truth is we all want to be remembered because we have been fed the lie that we are special. More often than not we are not. Be that as it may I still hope that I can claim that I have inspired or left a mark, but these days I have scaled down the amount I want to inspire.

  2. I don’t think being inspired makes you less of an individual. I am ispired many times by songs/other people writings/etc., and it doesn’t make me feel like IO’m less original. We can make original things using inspiration given us by somebody else.

    Although, some people may think they’re less original if they are inspired be someone else, and I guess that’s your point. I don’t really know whether it’s true or not, I haven’t talked much about the subject with anyone.

    • Exactly, People don’t want to get inspired or don’t claim to be coz they feel they themselves are capable of inspiring others. There’s nothing wrong in being inspired, Many inspirations have lead to great things and that is the message I had hoped to deliver. 🙂

  3. Water and wisdom always flows from higher to lower level. I always keep my mind open to who may inspire me, you never know how beautiful people you come across can be. So, I always welcome inspiration with open arms.
    But I have to disagree with you both when it comes to the output. A friend of mine once twisted a line I wrote in my blog, used it as his FB status and thanked me for the ‘inspiration’. Did I like it? NO! This is not seeking inspiration, it is petty theft along with the nerves to claim that you stole.

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