Rhapsody disaster

Its a brand new month, the time to kick old trends/habits and get new ones.
This past month has been particularly weird for me as a new wave took over me. I felt more and more influenced by hip hop and the hip hop lifestyle and started acting all trashy. At first it was just the music but slowly yet steadily I transitioned towards being a ‘badass’ gangsta. All my friends became ‘homies’ and the dress code to every party became an old hoodie but that wasn’t enough, I wanted to do more. One of my friend’s keenly pointed out that all rappers seemed to have a rebellious nature and always seemed to break the rules, and so I did too. I vandalized my own room and broke the one rule my parents never expected me to break. I even started talking like them, Yesterday I caught my self saying, “Wow that movies was dope!!“.

My beloved hoodie 🙂

I even got down to rapping, sadly no one would hustle with me but before I quit I wrote one for you guys, hope y’all (pronounced yall) enjoy it 🙂

 Yo! turn the beat up a lil bit.
Yo! Yo! Scoobydoo ba doo
Here goes

Hope y’all reading this sh*t daily
I did snuff whipped a pistol and killed Beetle Bailey
I’m hip hop in your window shop
like a gun pop when you’re on top
My actions are not justifiable
My words not reliable
the same way like my actions when I flamed my head, sh*t I’m an animal

Grateful it got over aren’t you?! Its a new month and here’s to another new attitude!
Yours rapping-ly

Note: No drugs were taken, no persons shot and Gang formed during my tenure as a homie 🙂


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