Phrase me not!

Have you ever paid close attention to every phrase someone says to you while in a conversation? Ever tried to scrutinize every little thing under a non existent microscope just to find some mistake, maybe one little less plausible reference just to take the edge of the conversation and maybe embarrass the speaker? If you ever have tried or are going to, you are bound to find innumerable mistakes and bad metaphors that have no relevance in itself. Yet these are accepted as acceptable phrases in our common language.  These are a few that I think should be put out of practice  for good :

I am what I am.
A phrase commonly found in the Facebook profiles of thousands of people, this is also used as an answer in interviews and questionnaires which pose this question. The fact that these people think these mere 5 words can describe them is atrocious. What exactly is the relevance of this answer? And who else could you possibly be? Surely I know you are yourself and won’t confuse you with my neighbor. So PLEASE stop using it.

Pin drop silence.
A phrase I so often heard being used by my teachers during my kindergarten years and foolishly believed there was ever such a thing. How is it that people come up with stuff like this? Surely the guy who came up with it must have been pure literary genius, how else do you assume the sound of a dropping pin? What if the pin was big and heavy and made a big THUD! noise? Does this still apply then?

Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.
This is supposed to be one of the most inspirational quote of all times.I  beg to differ. What about the smokers the junkies and the alcohol addicts who gave up their old habits? Giving up will be a miraculous task then. Stupid inspirational thinking.

Everything is okay in the end, if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.
Need I remind the one who came up with this of Titanic or any other movie that had a sad ending?

A champion is someone who gets up, even when he can’t .
Doesn’t the second part of the phrase clearly claim, “he can’t”? Last time I checked “he can’t” means impossible by any all means for him to achieve. It’s like saying, “I love to walk even though I don’t have legs.” Any takers?

This is about all that I could find though I won’t say I wasn’t tempted to create my own and beat around the bush(now does that make sense?) for all of eternity. But then again it is lists like these that inspire me and push me to do absurd tasks that for all I know may end up being common place despite not having any relevance whatsoever or it could be I was wrong about all the above mentioned phrases. You decide.
Yours misinterpreted-ly


7 thoughts on “Phrase me not!

  1. I find many flaws in what you have written, Mr. Sami116

    First of all, pins are small. If they’re big then ‘sword’ is what they’re called.

    Secondly, it wasn’t the ending of Titanic. Didn’t you watch Poseidon?

    Thirdly, if a person does the things which are possible by everyone how will he become a champion. A champion is made by achieving the impossible.

    That is all.

    • I thought I’d get pointed out about the pin but well… they are of various sizes and there are circumstances when you DO hear them fall.

      So? Titanic still wasn’t happy be it the movie or real.

      Well, what you said would have been true had the phrase been, “A champion is someone who gets up, even when OTHERS can’t .” Clearly not the case with the original saying.

      Hope my answers have been satisfactory enough for you 🙂

      • Not to be an arsehole, but couldn’t this blog post be more about cliche phrases? I also can’t tell if youre trying to find humor in these or being a nitpick. I mean I’ve heard these phrases, but not THAT often that they needed a rundown.”I am who I am” is definitely overused and cliche. If you were going for redundant phrases in the english language you could probably find fault with more than these 5. for example, ” I gave 110%” “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Or how people say, “Not to be an asshole” and then go and be an asshole. I did laugh though because I used “Pin drop” in one of my blogs. Yah got me!

      • Yes if you tried you could find mistakes with plenty of phrases but writing all of them was not possible so I picked 5 that annoyed me the most. Though I wish “Not to be an arsehole” had struck me first 😉

  2. Yes, Mr. Sami116 your answers have been satisfactory to a caertain extent. But titanic wasn’t sad. Just imagine how many uptight snobs were there on that ship, their death was definitely a sigh of relief for the large number of people of the working class oppressed unmercifully by them. Those were bad people, on the ship right there.

  3. Mggordon, to an extend i would completly agree to you, but what sami has posted is what he think’s and most of the people think:-) so, maybe his mistake’s are very few compared to the one’s I And YOU COMMIT everyday by using a wrong PHRASE!

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