Vampires… Today’s reality?

What is it that has lead to the sudden upsurge in their image? It didn’t take very long for them to evolve from a dungeon dwelling monster to the  ultimate sex symbol that they portray today.
It wasn’t long ago when a friend of mine would go, “Eww, he’s drinking blood.” and “that’s gross” while watching the old Dracula classics but now invite her to watch a twilight movie and she’ll swoon all the way to the theater thinking about the vampire hunks. And then there is my freakishly hysterical cousin who believes that she’ll someday marry a vampire(Weird? tell me about it).

Its not that I despise these unreal fantasized creatures, after all even women deserve to have a muse that they can gush about and fantasize all day. But a midst all this hysteria where does the common man lie?! Ask a woman out on a date and the first reply you are almost certain to come across is, “How sharp are your fangs? And will it hurt if you bite me?”.  What’s a man to say in all this?
No I do not have fangs, but I can still bite you if you like?
Not very charming is it? But can you blame us?
Vampires seem to be expanding their avenues at an ever evolving rate from books to music videos to TV shows and now movies not to mention the merchandise that sell in the names of these creatures. What’s next stock brokers guaranteeing you 100% returns on investing in vampires?

Despite all this not affecting my daily life(except having to hear my female companions bickering about who the better vampire is) I still think it is time we subject ourselves to a reality check. I mean Vampires? For real?
Yours Fang-a-liciously


9 thoughts on “Vampires… Today’s reality?

  1. Every girl got that thought in her head… I hope he kisses like edward… I hope he run’s like eric… I hope… I hope… All the damn comparison’s to a vamp!! But if observed all these creation’s are more in head’s of women… And men are less attracted to such wild thought’s… Bein one i can say it’s true…. Vamp’s are the perfectly designed, and pictured character of a male, which a women alway’s dream’s in her life!! And it’s nothin wrong to do.. If i someday come across a really cute, sexy, dashing guy.. And the next second get to know he’s a gay.. i wouldn’t be shocked! All the right guy’s are not just there.. So if EDWARD is there… Atleast imaging his existance is no sin! Plus… Expectin one like him… Is alway’s nice!:)

  2. Agree that Vampire (males) are now portrayed as the hunks, dashing, attractive, sizzling hot n what not!! The powerful n protective qualities resembling the prince charming of a girl’s typical fairy tale! No wonder a girl admires it and hopes to find a guy of the same!
    The fun part is they don’t exist and so you can draw anything out of it that delights you!!
    Setting the most adored vampire, Edward as an example would be the highest achievement position of a man like the Ethiopian govt!!
    But practically speaking, how far can 1 get so vampire-ish?! (I don’t know!)

      • I think (the blood lust) is inherent in all of us, dont you think, a throw-back from when we did eat raw and although for most that think they have lost the urge and the hunger, well they still like their steak rare, I know I do and the hope of immortality helps within the stories too 🙂

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