The New?!

The sky was overcast, the ground trembled, a poor man won a lottery and a rich one went bankrupt as I sat typing this.
Greetings to you all.
It is a weird world we all live in isn’t it? It wasn’t long ago that I said to myself that I wouldn’t ever have my own blog and now here I am thinking out aloud whilst picturing dramatic events to make it even more interesting(though the sky here IS overcast and we have been experiencing a bit of minor quakes). And to think I wouldn’t have said this not long ago but having a blog is very exciting, It is like baking your own cake and smacking it right into someone’s face and not having to worry about them being vengeful or something along those lines. The joy of it wasn’t without its fair share of hitches though, I encountered my first road bump when I had to think of a name for my blog and believe me when I say this, conjuring up a random name is among the toughest thing you could ever do, the life threatening things you encounter while doing it is incredible(I almost shamed myself into death while thinking of good names) and then finally I came across The Embarrassment. At first I was a bit skeptical but then I figured it played into my ploy of “smacking someone’s face with it” scheme or maybe I’ll just embarrass myself with this but then again as they say, “enter if you dare or run away like a scared girl and piss your pants.” or was it? And then there were other problems but why am I bothering you with them. I now want to leave you all with a quote to think of that can chew on your mind till tomorrow but all I can think of is, “Cakes are tasty when they are not on your face.”…No?

Till later,
Yours Incapably Obnoxious


3 thoughts on “The New?!

  1. Smashin the cake is not important… Do it the right way! 🙂 it’s seem’s all so borin what you wrote, but it’s the damn truth! But got to say you.. What you know is just a bit about this world…! Living here is not so easy. Your every decision hurt’s someone. Your every success put’s someone’s career in the trash. It’s all about the human bond.. The more you are bonded the more sin’s you commit! But the hard core truth… To exist on this WORLD one has to be sinner and not just a sinner but… The best. . Cause only when you are the best you succeed.. So i end it here saying.. What the world ask’s us to be is a sinner.. SO BE IT!

  2. the illusion of smacking someones face with cake is PERFECT for how i feel about blogging. its a freeing experience to jot down feelings with no expectations or worries. “just take it in the face, and enjoy the taste” 🙂

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